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  • I have 1000s of tags on my blog. Most of them are just junk, only used once.

    a) is there any disadvantage to this?
    b) if so, is there any easy way to bulk delete tags that are, say, used less than twice?


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  • Yes!

    Admin Dashboard>Posts>Tags>Screen Options (upper right)>’Tags’>select 100>Apply>Click on header item ‘Posts’ to sort by this field>check the box for each tag with ‘0’ posts>Bulk action>Delete>Apply>Repeat

    ah! Thanks… that’s better than nothing I guess.

    ANy idea wether there is a negative consequence to having these rogue tags sitting around other than clutter?

    Yes, each time a loop looks for tags it has to to look for all of them that are irrelevant…so on each page load if using a tag cloud?

    Cool.. yeah, I don’t bother with tag clouds, but I’m thinking there must be 1000s of one off pages in Google which might affect my rankings.. then again, maybe I’m totally wrong on that. Maybe it’s good to have a zillion pages out there?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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