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    After looking around and not being able to find a Bulk CSV Importer for the wonderful Events Manager wordpress plugin, I commissioned a coder to develop a Bulk CSV Import add-on that does not modify any core code files (so you can update wordpress and plugins freely). It is a very simple integration and clean and I tested it on my own site many times. The plugin saved me HOURS of manual entry time and cost when having to add hundreds of events to my site.

    Just trying to recoup my costs so grab it if it is what you are looking for.

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  • You are correct! 5.2.17 on PHP! I will have to find the code for the earlier version I guess? I doubt that it can be upgraded as this is a shared host, not a VPS at this point.

    Ok, you were correct and I have it fixed! For all Hostgator accounts and possibly many of the other entities that the conglomerate that owns them also owns, you have to put a code snippet into your .htaccess file on a Linux Shared host. It enables the PHP 5.3 code in each domain. You would have to add it for each domain if you needed it in more than 1 of course. There are other help notes for Windows Shared or VPS hosting, this one is Linux Shared specific if your host is not running 5.3. Newer builds will be running 5.3.

    Here is the code so that you don’t have to do the research.

    # Use PHP 5.3
    AddType application/x-httpd-php53 .php

    Thanks to Steve098 for his re-engineered code to make the date import work and hopefully this post saves someone else 2 hours of playing with their dates in frustration as I did last night.

    Glad it works for you – thanks should go to the plugin author – although I can’t find a link to the import/export plugin on their website – only the shorturl above.
    It would be great if the plugin was published on a repository somewhere (It’s GPLv2?), in case the short url dies,and so it can be taken forward in functionality, but I wouldn’t know where to start with checking licenses or uploading to a repository ( I see the code is still alpha).

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    the short url won’t die, it’s ours 😉

    like EM, the plugin has to be GPL compatible

    for now it won’t be published as a plugin. it may go up as a seperate plugin but as we are intending on adding importers at some point too it may not

    Seems to be working!. Thank you everyone. Can’t wait for this to be a part or an add-on to the plugin.

    We just update a bit : EMI (Events Manager Importer)

    We add examples files in folder examples and we add CSV support for those who wanted it. thanks to Meitar

    Also, we clean a bit the code in order to avoid warning and breaking the RSS feed as one of user told us.

    We also remove specific folder upload, add drag and drop support for CSV and XLSX. Finnally we clean the code to remove some ajax depencies and rely on wp-ajax straightforward method.

    Hop it will help some of you.

    You can ask for features here :

    Thanks !

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    gabrielstuff I’m trying to import your sample (export_LIGHT.xlsx). It works, but only of name of event, date and location. But I can’t import content – description. Imported description is always showing as three dots (…).
    I’m also interesting how to specific other values in XLSX file for proper import. For instance for other placeholders and custom attributes. Is there important first name in the column or there is only a sequence and how I can determinate right order in XLSX file?

    Importer is awesome and you are doing great job.
    Thx, BR


    I haven’t looked at this export_LIGHT.xlsx file yet, but in general, it depends on how your excel file exports to a .csv file for importing. Have you opened your file in a clear text editor such as Wordpad or Notepad, or even better yet a linux editor to see if it truly meets the criteria?

    I find that working in OpenOffice which is free, is highly better than working in Excel when manipulating the export of spreadsheet files to .csv file.

    @marketing Master what is this sample, could you link to it…. not sure it is a good files 🙂

    Also, as for now order is necessary. This should be fixed with the mapping tool allowing to decide which column goes with which field.

    I’ll test later today you issue. In the mean time do not hesitate to open it on github.

    Importer now support .xlsx and I didn’t make any transform to .cvs.

    I download sample from this link. I didn’t found any example folder that you mentioned in wp-events-manager-importer-master. Can you explain me about mapping tool – where can I found it and how I can use it?

    Thx, BR

    Hi again everyone. I guess I spoke to soon again about it working. It DID work when I tested a single event but now I’m actually attempting to import for real and running into problems with the date and time not working on the event.

    Test import file:

    I’ve made sure:

    • Saved as MS-Dos CSV
    • Looked at the doc in notepad to check it looks ok
    • Verified dates are dd/mm/yyy hh:mm:ss

    Forgot to mention I’m still using:

    I’d like to try: EMI (Events Manager Importer) but I don’t know how I would determine what the header fields would be in he .xlsx. I’ve looked at the but don’t understand how there is just a “date” field and no dtstart and dtstart fields. And also don’t get the other fields, Libellé Segment CP-Ville (unless those are custom fields).

    At minimum I’d like to import title, start date, description. Bonus would be end date.

    Thank you for any help you can provide. I’ve got a couple thousand events I need to import for a website go-live on the 1st of September.

    Is there any new solution?

    @thatsgame1 I copied your pastebin and saved as csv.
    Test import file:
    importer: (modified as per this thread)
    most events were imported fine for me, including the correct time, so long as I added them one at a time, except for the final event which failed at “and performance focus”. within the description, which is after various commas.
    I know that the field was surrounded by double quotes, but it appears to be confusing it with such a long comment field and numerous commas.

    I would try changing the delimiter to something other than CSV,e.g. tab delimited (another output format supported by Excel is text(tab delimited)) allowing greater relief from commas within your event comment.

    I think you would do this by editing class.EM_ImpExpImport.php in two places:

    line 363
    change from
    $header = fgetcsv($fp);
    $header = fgetcsv($fp,1000,"\t"))
    (this changes the header detection to read the first 1000 characters only and adds the tab as a delimiter)

    line 380
    $csv = new parseCSV();
    add after:
    $csv->delimiter = "\t";

    now someone with more coding knowledge might be able to amend the plugin so you can choose to override the delimiter from within wordpress, but it’s beyond me.

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