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  • It is funny how there are a bunch of websites out there that offer custom wordpress themes for a price but none of them really answer me or even care to create one for me. I spent 3 and half hours this morning getting passed around from website to website and not much for customer support. I have been having trouble finding any contact information for anybody.

    Has anybody had any success in the past with this and want to offer me a link? I just want to be able to contact somebody who would be willing to get paid for a professional looking theme. I own a blog network and need to know this stuff so in the future I can find a place that can create something for my needs.

    There has to be people out there in the business that will actually respond and care about their business.

    If anybody knows of a great place to go please point me in the right direction.


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  • Follow the link from my name to my website for contact info.

    Thanks Jared, I just sent you an email.

    remdog – I commented on your post this morning when you were seeking someone via the forums.

    What I think you fail to understand is that the people who “give answers” here on the forums are all volunteers here – we don’t run our businesses through the forums, as that’s not the true nature of what this place is all about. Had you simply sent the email to the address I gave you, I’m quite sure you’d have received a few responses, at least within 24-48 hours.

    Also, please keep in mind, that it’s a Saturday. I know that I don’t actively attempt to garner new business on the weekends, as I’ve got quite enough on my plate right now, keeping me busy during the week. I come here to basically donate my free time and knowledge to helping people, because it’s something I enjoy doing. Not because I wish to get new clients. And despite the fact that some people DO, it’s pretty well frowned upon here, which is why I gave you the options I did earlier. (And most people who know what they’re doing don’t come here to get clients either – they come here to share what they know – for free.)

    The forums really aren’t a business to client model – we’re just a bunch of people who try to help where we can, when we can, and for free. Again, that’s why I gave you the wp-pro list email address to use, yet I am subscribed to that list, and never saw an inquiry from you.

    Just thought I’d offer an alternative viewpoint here – because it’s apparent in your post here that you’re frustrated, and I think it’s maybe because you might’ve been expecting the forums to be something they’re not supposed to be.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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