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  • So here’s the setup: I have a list of five questions and I have answers to those questions written by 10 different people. I want to allow visitors to look at how all 10 people answered one of those questions, or let them look at how 1 specific person answered all 5 questions. So what I want, obviously, is some kind of dynamic page content. I can’t just build the various pages by hand, because I intend to add more people/answer sets to the system and the combinatorial complexity of all that approach would be staggering.

    But being new to the WordPress way of doing things, I’m not sure which is the best way to go. Should I give each person a unique tag and each question a unique tag, enter each person/answer combo as a distinct posting, and then create pages that embed short-codes to create dynamic searches? Is there a plugin module that would do what I want? It’s kind of like an FAQ system where there are multiple answers to each question. I’ve tried searching the module archive and couldn’t find anything that appears to do what I want, so, I turn to the gurus of WordPress.

    Any suggestions?

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