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  • Hi, I’m a newbie to WordPress and I’m trying to learn how to use it to build a site for my small business. I would like to start from scratch as I haven’t found a theme that come close to what I’m looking for. What is the best way to be able to layout a site as I want it with colors… etc. I’ve noticed that iThemes sales a theme called “Builder” that would seem to do what I want but even at their reasonable $130 it is still more than my $0 budget lol.

    I do have a current site I built using a free program from ATT/Yahoo called Sitebuilder. It is very limited in what it can do and I like the flexibility that WordPress offers plus the ease of updating. Right now I’m the only person at the office that can update our site and I think WordPress will help free up my time and let other authorized people to change and add things as we need. If any of you are interested in my old site or the type of business I run my current site is It will be running until I can build a WordPress version to replace it with.

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    Thanks. I’ll go read that.

    Well that was a lot of reading. Especially after following some of the links to other articles. I learned a lot and don’t really like what I’ve learned. I don’t want to do any coding no matter how small. I really want some type of wysiwyg editor such as the builder sold by ithemes. Do I have unrealistic expectations?

    I see your hosted with Yahoo, you can install WordPress in your hosting account with them but i would leave Yahoo for better web hosting when your time is up with them because they don’t support .htaccess files and some WordPress plugins need them like W3TC.

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