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  • Hi everyone,
    This is my first post and first time using WordPress. Hopefully somebody can help me out here.
    I wanted to essentially use WP as a CMS to build a site for a client. I want to obviously use the posting system to post News on the homepage and have it archive. But I also want to create sections like About Us, Contact Us, etc. and have them appear in their own directories. For instance,
    Is this possible? Am I asking to much or not thinking about how to do this correctly? I tired creating a category, but that didn’t work. If I post in the About Us category, I don’t what the information to appear on the homepage. I only want it to appear on the About Us page.
    Thoughts? Ideas?
    Thanks for the help!

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  • Yes, creating sections is pretty easy, some simple mods to make it work. Check around for ‘static posts’ in the forums/wiki for some examples.
    Also, check out my site’s about section for a sampling (though I decided to make things ‘optionally’ static within the section, but still ‘mask’ the section from other views…).

    hello msteinruck,
    i have been trying to use blog tools to make entire websites as well. for me the biggest hurdle was to make the homepage (index) to appear like a conventional website’s homepage. to do this you will have to select a category and make this category the default category for display. this way anyone visiting your site will see the selected category first. there are several different solutions posted at each one offers a different way to make this happen. however i found that only this following solution works:
    It involves manipulating the index.php file. try it and see whether it works for you.

    hello again msteinruck,
    if the above did not work then you can try this wordpress hack. i am actually using this method at the moment and it works well:
    good luck,

    I just write the aboutme stuff as a seperate page and link to it in the index.php
    Actually at this point I (very lazily) use old aboutme pages from an old, crappy design, so it’s kind of incongruent with my current setup, but it works.
    The information presented above will probably allow you to construct different section pages that will more closely match your pre-existing template.

    even better idea is to use a static page with feeds for home page linked to various section of the blogs.

    Hi folks,
    For my purposes, a better idea would be a way to have strictly the title and content and no comments, no date stamp and the calendar only linked to update and/or news articles.
    I don’t mean to hack up or comment out the index.php – I mean choices when you create an article. The idea of database storage and retrival thru dynamic php is great… but *I* need it to go further…
    Thanks for reading,

    Can those elements including date, filed under and permalink all be hidden in the same screen where I create the text??

    date can be hidden. filed under can be hidded. whats a permalink?

    Related to the original question — one from a newbie to WP & blogging & CSS — last I played with websites, I could use notepad to write basic html. 😉
    “Can comments be associated with different categories than the original posting’s categories?”
    My question comes from wondering if a blog can be so relational that something like a theoretical could be created (ok, sans the e-commerce bit):
    * In this example, you can categorize a book review by: book’s author, book’s title, genre, price, reader rankings (Excellent, Good, Sucks, etc).
    — a blog can do all of this easily, via Categories…if all posts are book reviews
    * In this example, a person searches for anything under Genre = Mystery, Reader Ranking = Excellent, and sees all applicable results, which would be reviews of books in both of these categories
    — could a blog return such a post? out of the box, i see that i am able to just drilldown on one category
    * A person adds a comment to a review on Book X, saying, “if you like this book, try Book Y, too.”
    — can a blog’s comment then be tagged with appropriate categories?
    I am looking at posts on static pages, too — any constructive direction would be most educational!

    >> I could use notepad to write basic html. 😉
    sounds like a good solution 😉
    Use post meta fields to create as many meta fields ( genre, rating, etc) as you may need to associate with posts, and some clever hacks to list by one particular meta value…

    meta multi post are useless until something is done to make them more flexible while outputting… u certainly cant expect everyone to hack the code themselves.. 🙁

    Sushubh, how you want to use/display the meta details are depend on what one uses them for. What sort of plugin are you looking for? Something general should be very possible.

    there should be some way to use 2 different meta field properties at 2 different places i suppose… lets say i want to use 1 field to insert custom keywords for each individual post page and another to insert a mood indicator with post! how can i manage that!
    i am not saying i need it at thsi moment. it was a suggestion or a question depending upon what kinda powers the latest versions has. i am still stuck on 1.1 🙂

    Heya, why dont U use ? It is really nice, you must only edit the CSS so that you can use the same as you are using in WP, and that’s all.

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