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  • So, we are working on a new website for our agency. We have multiple people that we need to be able to access the WP admin to work on the site over a work intranet. I had a WAMP server set up and for the first few weeks had it set up so that people could work on it from any computer in the office.

    I adjusted the httpd.conf file so that it Allows all (and I also added the ip of the computer that is hosting the WAMP server). I also went into the security settings of the wordpress install and allowed permissions to everyone on the intranet.

    Unfortunately it seems that the ip address of the computer that the WAMP server/wordpress was installed on has changed and now I can no longer access WP admin or the WP site. We have a shared network drive, is it possible to install and run the WAMP server and WP from a shared network drive? If so, how would I go about that?

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  • An alternate solution might be to ask your IT staff if it would be possible to set a preferred (static) internal ip address on the machine you’re running WordPress on. The one you assign should be the one you used to install WordPress, of course. They may need to check and see if any other machine on the network has already been reassigned the old address to avoid a conflict, but it’s usually a very minor process.

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