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  • I’m not a Programmer and can really use some help. I’m building a real estate search form that will search my database and display pages. I have created posts and taxonomies and set the form on home.php to display on my home page website here it is:
    <form method=”get” action=”” id=”real-estate-search”>

                        wp_dropdown_categories('show_option_none=Select a State&show_count=0&hierarchical=1&taxonomy=State');
                        wp_dropdown_categories('show_option_none=Select a County&show_count=0&hierarchical=1&taxonomy=County');
                        wp_dropdown_categories('show_option_none=Select a City&show_count=0&hierarchical=1&taxonomy=City');
                        wp_dropdown_categories('show_option_none=Select a Company&show_count=0&hierarchical=1&taxonomy=Company');
                        wp_dropdown_categories('show_option_none=Agent Type&show_count=0&hierarchical=1&taxonomy=Agent');
                        echo '<input id="searchsubmit" class="searchsubmit" type="submit" value="Search Real Estate Agents">';
                        echo '</form>';

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    Until here and I’m stuck!!! Now I want the form to basically have a functionality that will _PULL pages once you click submit. for example:

    If I’m on the website and select: state”PA” then county”Delaware County” then city”Philadelphia” and hit submit I want the result to display:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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