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  • I’m trying to put together a small adult pay site but I’m getting horribly confused with the bewildering choice of plugins and realise I could spend half my life checking them all out. I’d appreciate feedback from anyone who has already invented this particular wheel. I have no objection to paid for plugins as something solid and functional is more important than just being free.

    Your Members plugin looks good for the membership and payments, not least of all ‘cos it links to adult friendly payment processors. Is it any good?

    Cincopa initially appealed for galleries with video and photos but seems to get quite pricey if one intends to have much bandwidth. It also doesn’t seem to allow material to be moved between galleries but that could just be me. Any better ideas? Should I be looking for a separate solution for video and photos or is there anything good which does both? I’m happy to host my own material.

    At some stage, I’ll also want to add a banner ad plugin. Again, suggestions welcome.

    Ease of use and installation is a must as a coder, I am not! Sorry for all the stupid newbie questions 🙂

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