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  • I’m working on building out a website in WP 3.0 and I’m faced with creating a fairly extensive discography section.

    I’ve been searching online for a good discography plugin or solution and the only thing I’ve found is the ‘Discography’ plugin which doesn’t seem to be there yet.

    So I’m thinking about doing it all with custom post types and taxonomies, and trying to wrap my head around the best way to set it all up.

    The road that I’m currently going down is to use categories for the artist/project along with a new Custom Post Type called “Works” which is basically a generic work/release/artistic product, with the following associated taxonomies:

    Formats: CD, LP, EP, Single, etc.
    Releases: Albums, Compilations, DVDs & Videos, Singles & LPs, Other, etc.

    Does this make sense? Is this a good way to do this within the bounds of WordPress
    3.0 without too much custom development?

    Is anyone else working on something similar?


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  • Simon Wheatley


    Code for the People

    Just putting down a marker that I am working on something similar. What you suggest is certainly how I’m thinking about it, but unfortunatel Iy don’t have much to add just yet. How are you getting along with it? Are you using the Featured Image (nĂ© Post Thumbnail) function for the artwork? The built in WP galleries might also fit in here.




    I’ve been doing this kind of thing, but with comic books. I’ve had to do most of the code tweaking myself to get it to work.

    What you’ve suggested seems to make sense. I’ve built a few taxonomies and they seem to be working. I’d highly recommend making sure all your info is put into the custom taxonomy once the post is already a custom post type, because I imported all my stuff from csv and all the tags are in “tag” and I’ll have to move them over manually to my custom taxonomies later, which is a huge pain.

    What I’m trying to figure out now, is how to let users add certain entries (or works) to their collection, so they could keep track of what they have.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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