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  • Hi I was not quite sure where this post should go so I thought here but maybe someone can suggest a better location or locations:

    Firstly I must say that having only recently migrated from Joomla to WP how easy and neat everything is in the WP world.

    I am planning to design (and get programmed) an application that includes the following components some of which would be core and delivered as standard others could be added as widgets or apps in a piecemeal fashion like iPhone apps or WP plugins.

    I am not sure if WP is the right basis for such a project so i thought i would throw this open and find out.

    I will go through all of the plugins myself but if you are the developer or a user of a particular plugin which meets the requirement to be listed above or would like to build one or extend one then please get in contact to discuss things further. I would prefer to work within the open source environment and love WP so just thought i would ask before heading off in another direction.

    Hope my naivety with the capabilities of WP is not too self evident.



    I am looking for an integrated solution to contain the following:
    Core components:
    real time chat
    calendar and appointments plus reminders (email, sms etc)
    integration with skype or a similar real time video calling preferably including many to 1 video calling (or vice versa)
    DB backup
    integration with email (all derivatives)
    Ability to log all messaging via chat or email in a single log per user.
    Highly secure for handling of personal data.
    Standard blogging funtionality

    Additional apps:
    Invoicing on a daily/weekly/monthly basis
    whiteboard to support real time collaboration
    online payment systems via credit card and paypal
    Online questionnaires and analysis and compilation of individual results, not combining results.

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