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  • Apologize for the long-winded ness of this but I really do appreciate your opinions..

    I am planning a website that I hope will become a definitive resource for a sport I am passionate about. My goal is to take a community oriented approach, starting off with a user group of about 20 members to see what their ideas on what content and features we should start with. I will use that feedback to build the basic structure of the website. I want the site to create a buzz for the sport, both for seasoned competitors as well as newcomers.

    The sport has a lot of “silos” with 100’s of different organizations, rules, venues etc etc, it badly needs all of the information consolidated, but yet made easy to manage. This site will help people navigate all of the data, by location so they can get to the information relevant to them quickly easily and intuitively. Initially this might just be my region, rather than state.

    So after spending the weekend brainstorming, off the cuff I believe these are the features the site needs. I envisage most users will “register” on this site by connecting their FaceBook accounts

    News: social journalism including ability to upload photos\create galleries. Site would also function as a curated news aggregator in absence of contributed content.

    Video: Ability for users of the site to “post” embedded links to videos on youtube, vimeo etc to a videos section. The users will be aggregating the content, including tagging/categorizing it.

    Quality classified ads with a feedback system for buyers and sellers, intuitive way to add photos (as attachments would be nice).

    Categorized business directory, with google maps support.

    Product reviews, again with opportunities for voting/feedback and opinions.

    At some point discussion forums too, but right now thats covered pretty well and in fact, its part of the problem. All of the good information is locked away hidden in discussion forum threads with little to no organization.

    So my questions are (for now)…
    What plugins would you suggest to accomplish the above?
    How can I separate the users that can post comments and aggregate videos from those that will have the ability to post news articles?
    Drawing from your experience what pitfalls do you see in my approach here?
    How can I best plan for growth of content as the site gathers momentum? I fear it might get very granular fast and I want to ensure that its still easy to navigate.
    Can you think of any sites that have a similar approach that I could review.
    Any thoughts on plugins or an approach for monetization appreciated as well are appreciated. Not looking to quit my day job, but I’d like to pay the hosting bill at least!

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