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  • I have spent quite some time these past few days looking for a plugin or plugins to build the site I want to build. Since my search results are coming up empty, or at least I’m missing what I really need, I was hoping someone could give me some recommendations.

    I’m building a site where I need Vendors to be able to register their business. They will need to create an account, and basically create a page for their business. The only access I want them to have in the backend is to their own page. And they will be filling out all sorts of info, like: Facebook, twitter, external website, rss feeds, geo location,and maybe a way to pull in a Google Calendar feed, which will all need to be displayed on their public page. And then needs to be held for review by me.

    I had started doing this with magic fields, but didn’t know how to give users access to it.

    Thats the basic need of it. Secondary objective would be a paid option where their business is featured on the homepage.

    But I’m really not finding what I would like. I’d really like to keep them out of the backend of the WordPress Admit. Not that I want to hide WordPress from them, I just want to keep the presentation to a minimum. Even though you can limit what users have access to, there’s still a lot of un-needed navigation in the backend showing.

    Would really love some suggestions. Thanks!

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  • I did look at BuddyPress, and it seems too bloated for what I want. There’s not really going to be any interaction. Just users creating pages.

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