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  • Hi!

    Where do I start if I want to build a wp-site (not a theme) from scratch, using all the good stuff with WP?

    Thanks for reading and hopefully replying 🙂

    /Peter (SWE)

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  • is a good place….

    I’m not sure quite what you want information about? Once you have domain name and hosting sorted you install the WP software.

    That’s the gist…..where you go from there depends on what you are doing…

    once installed, you can add plugins, add or create a theme….start posting stuff like a blog, or set up pages, etc in a CMS style…..

    I think I was a little unspecific 🙂

    What I want to do is to be abble to build my own site (kind of a theme) but only for my own purposes. Like using WordPress but only on backend and not as a blog but a “site generator”.

    I know how to connect templates and stuff like that but where do I put the Index.php and wich files in my wp-root MUST be there in order for the whole WordPress engine to work?

    I saw that i.e Nokia did some thing with WP in the backend. Not a blog but totally their own thing. Tha’s kind of what I mean 🙂

    Peace /Peter

    well….technically, you need an index.php in the root, or at least the root of the directory you want wp to run from.

    However, that index file simply tells wp to load up….. from there we start to get into the themes…. of course you can go crazy with the templates using a different one for every page, or category, etc. So things can look as different as you like

    Also, you can grab posts from WP and use them on separate html pages that are non-WP, here’s a tutorial that gives you an idea on that…

    I’m sure you can go crazy with that example and tweak the code to do a lot of different stuff….

    ok. thank you!

    I think I want to build my site with the wp-pages in some way. Not the posts. But that should work almost the same way.. uh?

    So you meen I should try to build some kind of theme anyway but do it in my own way. I imagine i.e that I don’t even need some parts of the wp-loop then because I will not work with posts at all. What do you think?


    if you are not using posts, then you will not really need to set up a theme to deal with posts, that is true.

    There are a myriad of ways to work with loops to display different things….but the basics will most likely work for you

    you can set make a variety of page templates to control the layout/function of different pages, and assign the templates to each page as you create it.

    you can also set up WP to use a static front page rather that a posts page….. there’s examples/explanations of everything to get you started in the codex

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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