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    I’m using EM 4.11 over WP 3.2, tried it both in Multisite and single-site plain installs.

    None of these bugs were there in previous versions or over WP 3.1.

    Events are added just fine, but when I try to edit an existing one, five things happen in the editing page:

    1) Dates are not shown (however, the datepicker shows up when clicking on the field).

    2) Location maps are also not shown, not even when selecting a different one by typing its name or choosing from the pulldown.

    3) TinyMCE shows the HTML view buttons just above the standard buttons when in Visual view.

    4) When trying to add a link via TinyMCE, the dialog form seems to be a little different than the standard. This wouldn’t be a problem if it worked as expected, but when clicking on the OK button it redirects to a blank page instead of inserting the link.

    5) FireBug claims that jQuery.datepicker.regional[EM.locale] is undefined.

    By the way, the datepicker fields always show the dates in English format.

    Hope it helps.



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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    hi Ricardo,

    These are all js issues from the looks of it, first step is to make sure it’s not another plugin/theme doing this to you (it works in 3.2).


    I considered that possibility before posting, so in order to rule it out I tried EM 4.11 on a fresh install of WP 3.2 with all the default settings and no other plugins. I also tried removing all localization files (both from WP and EM) in order to rule out a translation problem, and even tested it using different browsers and from different computers. I’m always getting the same issues.

    Any ideas?

    Marcus, I think I know why you aren’t getting this issue. It’s a localization problem, and it only happens when WPLANG (at wp-config.php) is setted to anything different than ‘en_EN’. My guess is that it’s related to the datepicker i18n files.

    I couldn’t yet find the exact origin of the problem (still looking into it, will let you know if I do).

    Well, I couldn’t find the exact spot, but I came up with a workaround. It’s not the best solution, of course, but at least makes everything work as usual while the problem is isolated.

    I edited /includes/js/events-manager.js, and hardcoded the date_dateFormat variable to the one corresponding to the language I’m using. The original line is commented.

    if ( EM.locale != 'en' ) {
       var date_dateFormat='dd/mm/yy';
       //var date_dateFormat=jQuery.datepicker.regional[EM.locale].dateFormat;
    } else {
       var date_dateFormat = $("#em-date-start-loc").datepicker('option','dateFormat');
    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    this should be fixed in the latest version, turns out I was using jQuery and $ and the references were being mixed up.

    Updated to EM 4.12 and now everything’s working as expected. Thanks!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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