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  • This team is more interested in writing cute jokes on their site than they are in helping you with their buggy theme.

    Before you spend time installing and developing this theme for your needs, take a minutes to read some of the rude, dismissive comments from admins in the “support forum”, which might better be called a jeering peanut gallery (note they don’t allow users to add info and often close questions before any depth is established; part of their brilliant business model so you have to pay for support).

    I’m not going to mention the names of other, better themes because I don’t want anyone to think I’m here to push another product. Indeed, I’m here to push ANY other product.

    Mostly, there are better teams doing real work to create great products that you’ll feel inspired to pay for and donate to.

    This group has entirely missed the point of the wonderful thing that is WordPress. Don’t waste your time and certainly don’t encourage their bs with money or use of their products.

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