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    Hello, i came from, you told me to come here to continue our talk.

    1) I cannot restrict the “Premium Content”. I have a subscription based website, and if users create account, they have access to full pages. For example, i have 3 subscription plans – free – 13$/mo – 99$/mo:
    a. I registered a new Test user using incognito window in chrome.
    b. I chose the 13$ registration type while registering.
    c. It redirected me to payment with PayPal.
    d. I opened a new tab and closed the previous one, without completing payment.
    e. In the new tab, i entered my website’s URL.
    f. I went to “My account”, and the subscription plan was the one with 13$, and the payment was “Pending”.
    g. I could use all features of the 13$/mo subscription, even though i did not complete payment.
    h. I clicked on abandon/cancel subscription.
    i. I remained a premium (13$/mo) user with NO subscription active.

    2. YES, i have set correctly the Upgrades/Downgrades, i was mislead i confused cancel with abandon – here you are right.

    3. The shortcode for hiding content works only for text. For example i have mixed content (using Astra Theme and Elementor)

    ************ <- Example. I could Only hide the Text Part, not the whole content.
    * LOGO * Tried even separately to put shortcode before and after
    * * logo, still nothing.
    * Text * This is not a major issue though, the focus is on point
    * * number 1) of this topic, which is a major breach
    * Button * of security. Users having accounts created before
    ************ paying, and having access to that kind of
    subscription as well.
    I am not criticizing you guys, you did a marvelous job with this plugin and I congratulate you for it, but, this issue i presented in point number 1) is a must fix from my perspective.
    An idea to fix it:
    Implement a system that checks payments, for example:
    a. New user registers
    b. Choses Payment Plan
    c. After he choses a Payment Plan access to website is still restricted.
    d. He is redirected to Payment Gateway.
    e. He pays.
    F. HE GETS A TOKEN ID (LIKE GOOGLE 6 DIGITS CODE) AND HE MUST INSERT IT IN A FORM AND ONLY THEN, THE ACCOUNT IS CREATED, exception, ofcourse, being FREE ACCOUNTS, where he receives the 6 digits code without implying a gateway for payment – Simple & Neat as I see it.

    We can discuss it privately, if it suits you guys best.

    Thank you for your time, am waiting for an anwer,

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  • ************
    * Logo *
    * *
    * Text *
    * *
    * Button *
    Example from above (3.)

    Plugin Author Georgian Cocora


    Hey @paulvlad,

    So I believe you’re looking for a solution that lets you sell subscriptions which give full access to your website ?

    By default our plugin does not apply any restrictions, you are supposed to restrict the content you’re looking to sell access to. The subscriptions give access to restricted content within your website, not to your website as a whole (through a user login).

    3. We have an integration with Elementor that lets you apply restrictions to Sections or Widgets directly:

    You should use that method instead of the shortcode if you are using Elementor to build your content, it also lets you define a template for the restriction message.

    When you wrap bigger sections in the shortcode, it probably doesn’t work because they are not executing the shortcode.
    In text fields it is very common to use shortcodes so they are executed.

    Hope this helps.


    I have found a new bug:

    If 1 user removes his subscription, you guys have set it to become “Subscriber” (class_subscription, last rows). Set it up please to be the original status of a new member OR give people an option to choose what happens with members without subscription.

    I changed myself for me, but others may have a problem, especially if subscribers have more attributes than normal (people may change subscriber’s attributes)

    Plugin Author Paul


    Hello @paulvlad,

    As you can see here Subscriber is the default User Role for WordPress users. This can be a bit confusing, especially in the context of a membership plugin, but by default all new users are given the Subscriber user role.

    Paid Member Subscriptions grants additional roles, on top of the Subscriber one, while users have valid subscriptions.

    Best Regards,

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