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    1. Selecting None as the Default Value for a textbox causes the word “None” to appear in the textbox on the front-end.
    2. The Required Field Label in Plugin Settings can accept HTML (which is good. I’d like to add HTML to the message that appears on the front-end) but when I save the settings the HTML is parsed and it messes up the display. Here’s what I entered into the field:
      Fields marked with a <span class="ninja-forms-req-symbol">*</span> are required

      Perhaps use the Visual Editor for these fields?

    3. Also in Plugin Settings, the message I enter in Error message given if all required fields are not completed does not display at all.


    1. Were shortcodes removed? I used them for adding multiple forms to a page.
    2. Were all default CSS removed as well? The code in ninja-forms-display.css is extremely sparse.
    3. No AJAX submissions?

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  • Plugin Author James Laws


    I just wanted to let you know that we are looking at your issues. Also let me address your feedback.

    1. Apparently we forgot that. This was a major rewrite and with so many moving parts we were bound to miss a few things. We’ll get that back in today.
    2. We have stripped the CSS a lot in favor of allowing a users theme do what it’s supposed to do. We will hopefully be adding some necessary items as we come across them but themes in most cases should handle basic form styling.
    3. No AJAX yet. We could have stayed developing for a long time and made sure all these things were in there but opted for getting it out the door instead. AJAX will be added shortly. It’s actually next on our list for an update.

    I’ll report back soon on the other issues.

    Question: upgrading the plugin completely wiped all my old forms (both the forms and all submissions are gone). If you’re going to be tinkering with this more, should I even bother trying to remake the forms or will they get wiped again with the next upgrade?

    Plugin Author Kevin Stover


    Hey lim2me,

    1. I’m working on shortcodes now.
    2. The “None” text is a bug created during conversion from previous versions of Ninja Forms. I’ll have a fix for it in with the next update.
    3. Hey derpbutt,

      If you de-activate and re-activate the form, it should take care of the issue. Sometimes when WordPress auto-updates a plugin it doesn’t properly run the same deactivation and reactivation functions.

    Plugin Author Kevin Stover


    Hey lim2me,

    I didn’t realize that I missed your second question, apologies.

    I’ll take a look and get back to you.

    Plugin Author Kevin Stover



    Bug fixed; should be corrected in the next bugfix version.

    Thanks, that DID fix it, but I’ve got the same issue as the OP – the textboxes are now displaying their default answers.I saw that you’re looking to fix this, but wanted to expand on it in case you hadn’t noticed yet – it also does this for the anti-spam question, so that the correct answer to the question is already in the textbox, kind of defeating the purpose a bit (especially for me, since I sort of cheat and use it both as an anti-spam measure and also a “check to see if the person using the form is actually reading the submission guidelines” measure).

    Plugin Author Kevin Stover



    Have you tried removing and re-adding the anti-spam question? It sounds like an error occurred when converting your anti-spam field from the previous version’s form.

    @james & @kevin:
    Thanks for the replies, and thanks for all the hard work you guys have been putting in.

    Regarding the default CSS, v1.x allowed us to choose whether or not to include the CSS. I feel this was more convenient and there was no need to remove the default stylings. But with libraries like Formalize I suppose it’s less of an issue.

    If you do decide to bring back default CSS I suggest pre-pending all class names with a unique identifier e.g. ninform_. The reason is because in v1.x the class span-textbox-label-left applied styles from the [class*="span"] selector from Twitter Bootstrap.

    I have to register a vote for bringing back at least an optionable built-in CSS. I know it adds some overhead to the plugin, but I’m finding that without it at all I’m getting lousy display on several sites in which the themes don’t seem to be handling the forms (of the styles just aren’t very good).

    The previous CSS gave Ninja Forms a “works out of the box” feel. Though maybe that I’m more just complaining about the fact that without a built-in CSS, I’ve got to go through several websites to pretty up the forms!

    Plugin Author James Laws


    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Over the next couple days I’ll work up some default css for the forms to get it to look a little better out of the bock. With all the work that went into the plugin there were a few things that we forgot.

    We’ll get the basics back up to speed very quickly but are confident that in the long run you are going to love the changes we’ve made.

    I just quickly tested v2.0.1. Seems all the bugs I reported have been fixed 🙂

    I would prefer to have “Error message shown when all fields are empty.” back for usability’s sake but it’s not all that urgent for now.

    Plugin Author Kevin Stover


    It may come back at some point. It was something that I had added early on in development and wound up dropping the front-end display; of course, I forgot to remove the back-end label.

    After updating to 2.0.1, I seem to have lost the shortcodes feature. I noticed that it was mentioned above, but I didn’t see if there was any resolution.

    I tried reinstalling the plugin as well as deactivating and activating again with no result. My site will only show the shortcode and not the form itself. I had no issues prior to the update and no other addons were added/removed/updated between now and the last time it worked.

    An example can be seen here on my site.

    Thanks for a great plugin!


    Plugin Author James Laws


    There is a new shortcode of [ninja_forms_display_form id=YOUR_FORM_ID]

    Sorry about that.

    Thanks! Also, you used to be able to see the shortcodes from the “All Forms” window. Is there a place where I can view the shortcode for forms as before?

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