• Hi!
    I’d love to see a “bugs board” where people can post if they think they caught a nasty little beetle… 😉

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  • u can do that in troubleshooting or misc!
    the homepage of this forum is a gem with all the latest posts showing on the main page itself!

    Christian…sounds like a good page for the Weee-keeee 🙂

    bug tracking on Wiki?
    well a history sort of bugs make sense. but a forum seems to be a better place to mention the bugs. IMO actually… 🙂

    I personally consider a centralized bud repository/depository to be a better solution for developers (and users alike) because there is less browsing/searching involved and a lesser chance of missing something important. Our user and developer base is quite diverse and geographically fragmented which can lead to lack of communication and lack of opportunities to discuss a bug in person. Forums are, by definition, an area of dicussion. They are good places to describe bugs and discuss possible solutions for bugs. However, they are a terrible place to document and list bugs and fixes because dicussions tend to move on and threads get lost in menus.
    The wiki fits the bill quite well. I wish more people would look at the wiki and its presence would be further pronounced in the forums and the documentation. It surely would lead to lesser superfluous traffic in the forums.

    How ’bout a Bugzilla implementation? It’s designed just for that purpose, and works very well. Keeps good track of the status of documented bugs, etc…

    If it’s a bug in a beta version, it goes in the beta forum. If it’s on a release version, it should go in the troubleshooting forum.
    We have a group implementation of tasks we use to keep track of what needs to be done and such for the developers. I’d like to make this public in the future but that’s not possible right now. (Alex, maybe a guest account?)

    That is what I suggested initially, but you said you liked having bugs posted in the forums… You made a compelling argument I might add.

    Damn my compelling arguments. 😉
    Bug reports should stay in the forums, but it might be nice if the checklists for 1.01 and 1.1 (for example) were publically available somehow. Maybe just a page on wordpress.org that would show completed and pending tasks for parent tasks we specify. It doesn’t have to be something integrated into tasks, it could just be a seperate page and code.

    Sure, I think I’ve got something we can use for that.

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