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  • There are too many bugs with Buddy Theme (from Enavo Market), especially in the “message compose” section.

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  • Richard


    Rather than leave a 1 star review you could leave a support request describing any issues along with your URL so I can take a look and find out what the issue is.

    However- how come you’re so sure the plugin is at fault and not the theme? Looking at your other posts it seems you have reported many plugins as not working with this theme so it seems the theme is the common denominator.

    This plugin doesn’t interact with any “message compose” feature so that points to the issue lying elsewhere. This plugin is used with hundreds if not thousands of other themes with no issues. Occasionally some custom CSS is needed, but no more than that.

    I’m always happy to take a look if you post a support topic with your URL and a description of the problem. It seems a bit harsh to give a 1 star review with no more detail than “too many bugs”.

    The themes editor seems to accuse the plugins, who can I believe ?
    I could see that you are several plugins to put inline JS or CSS, which is not the normal rule in web pages development.

    Moreover, I replaced all the plugins I could, comprising yours, and my website was much better. I just gave my feedbacks. I do not pretend your responsible for this bug, I said, there are some bugs with one theme.

    Sorry if it sounds unpleasant for you.



    Here’s a list of plugins that you have reported as not working with your theme:

    A strong possibility is that your theme, another plugin or even your own custom code is causing issues. It would be wrong to assume that the issue is with this plugin especially if it’s affecting a part of your site that has nothing to do with this plugin.



    Cookie Law Info does not put inline JS or CSS into the page, it’s all hooked in correctly following WordPress standards. There is nothing wrong with inline CSS though- that is actually a WordPress development recommendation and if done correctly is absolutely not bad practice. Either way, that would not be the cause of any kind of issue.

    Like I said- happy to take a look if you leave a support request explaining what these bugs are (with your URL) but the 1 star review is unfair as it is extremely unlikely that Cookie Law Info is the source of bugs on your theme in this case.

    Freedom of speech though- you’re entitled to your opinion 🙂

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    There are too many bugs with Buddy Theme (from Enavo Market)

    You’re having a problem with that theme. Why are you abusing the plugin reviews for a theme problem?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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