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  • The plug-in works fine…. with (only) one form, but creating a second form and trying to customize it, doesn’t work propper. The settings you make, f.e. the width of the input fields, are not saved or submitted (or whatever). But i must admit: i am not sure, whether this problem is caused by the plug-in or by wordpress.

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  • Hi knunni can you share with me what you have done so far to determine that the second form does not work?

    I tried to switch to external css (as this is an option) but also this option can’t be set. I think the main problem is, that whenever you hit the “save settings / changes” button, it does NOT save the settings and restores the default settings for the form. But as I said: the first form works perfect, also the customized settings. I have no idea, why the second form doesn’t allow the changed settings to be saved.
    Was this information helpfull?

    Okay, lets concentrate on the second form. What is the ID for the second form? What settings have you set up on the second form? I am sure we can troubleshoot this issue because thousands are using this plugin and most run more than 3 forms with out a problem.

    The ID is [si-contact-form form=’2′]

    But now things are getting more serious… the plug-ins customizing frontend doesn’t show up any more correctly. I think there must be some conflict with a theme or another plug-in (alltough i’m not using another contact form plugin).

    Guess I will have to try a re-install – even if this means that the other forms will be deleted.

    Update: frontend back again after re-start, but problem still there- New settings won’t be saved.

    Here are the links to the contact forms if this would perhaps help…
    this one works fine:

    this one doesn’t:
    (I wanted to customize the width of the fields like in Form 1)

    This looks like there is a conflict somewhere. Lets start by deactivate all other plugins except this one. Carry out a test when you have done this. Let me know what happens with the two forms.

    After testing a lot of times: it seems like it really is buggy.
    Captcha field disappears and can’t be reactivated after adding new fields or making changes in the css-editor.
    Also after adding more than 5 to 7 new fields, the css resets and can’t be edited anymore (as written in my earlier posts).

    For troubleshooting I can’t deactivate all over plug-ins because data would propably be lost.

    So the conclusion is: it HAS serious bugs and this causes many problems. That’s sad 🙁

    UPDATE: deactivated all other plug-ins… same problem. Captcha disappears, css resets.

    I’m done with this plug-in …. -.-

    It is very challenging to find a solution to a possible conflict if you don’t carry out certain task like deactivating all other plugins. You might also have to test a different theme because it could also be related to the theme.

    However if you can’t carry out more test by deactivating all the plugins except this one because you fear loosing some data I understand.

    If you had a testing platform, we could carry out more test.

    I will also state that to say there are bugs without doing more test does not warrant any credit to the plugin. There are thousands of users who are very happy with this plugin.

    As a last resort you could create a support ticket and @mike Challis the developer might share more light into your issue.

    Either way I thank you for your review which helps us further to improve the quality of this plugin.

    Kind regards

    A setting needs to be adjusted on your server to allow more form fields. See this help page.

    Problem: settings cannot be saved.

    Hi Mike,

    ok, i’ll give this a try. As i can’t change it myself, i wrote a ticket to my server hosting technician. He will update the max_var to 3000.

    Would be great if it works, ’cause honestly: I didn’t find a more comfortable contact form plugin until today.

    Thanks. And also thx to mbrsolution for the help…

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