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  • UPDATE: After canceling my renewal, DOKAN STILL TRIED TO CHARGE MY CARD. These guys are scammers and completely incompetent. Avoid at all costs.

    So many buggy issues with this. I would recommend that you completely avoid Dokan Lite & any of their paid packages

    I can forgive bugs, but I CANNOT forgive severe bugs with their Stripe Payment processing in the paid versions. It’s been WEEKS with around 10% of my payments failing because of an acknowledged bug on their side. First, the fix was going to be a week, then 2 weeks, then today (Friday). Well, Friday for WeDevs has come and gone, and still no update. I CANNOT OPERATE MY BUSINESS THIS WAY.

    Support is terrible. There is no distinction between issues on urgency. I constantly have to follow-up to get an update. The front line constantly asks me for information I already provided, further delaying the ticket.

    And you will ONLY get support during local Bangladesh time. So any delay or misinterpretation adds at least another full day until resolution (if you are in the US). In my experience, SUPPORT IS NOT 24/7.

    I paid (and maintain my license for Dokan Pro) and I’ve been very disappointed. If I had to go back, I would pick a different option.

    I’m suspicious of the other reviews praising support. I question their authenticity.

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  • Plugin Support Nazmul Hassan


    @sinfoniasam, Please accept my apology and I agree that there was a bug in Stripe. However, I mentioned you to disable 3D security for a few days because there was a new integration going on with the latest API of SCA/3D security. We were about to release but as it is a major change for that reason, we had to invest more time in testing.

    However, I provided the enhanced version on your website but we are expecting your co-operation to solve all of them. I hope you will accept our apology and allow us a chance to make the new API working perfectly.



    @nazmulhassann20 You absolutely have my co-operation. The test environment I created for you has the refactored version you provided, so please feel free to make any modifications you need. I could not deploy this into my production environment because the ability for new vendors to join was broken, causing a critical error on the site anytime the “Connect to Stripe” button was displayed.

    Secondly, as I explained to support previously, I can’t use the alternate method of credit card processing because the fee structure is different. With 3D security, I am charged the Stripe fee. Without, the vendor is charged the fee. This is not the way I have my business set up, so I cannot use that option.

    I look forward to you fixing this 100%, so we can put this whole mess behind me. But not having a perfectly functioning payments platform is just unacceptable for any business.

    I canceled. Yet you still tried to charge my card. Scam artists and incompetent developers.

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