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  • Be warned. The quality of these widgets is not great. They are buggy and have restrictions that are not even documented. For example: The Flip carousel simply breaks if you insert images over 450px (had to find this on a support forum hidden away in some users post) and will simply break on mobile. Doesn’t work at all on Safari. Impossible to use on a live website.
    Restricted content widget bleeds out of the screen on mobile.
    Calendar widget does the same. Yet you market all your widgets as “100% responsive”.
    Honestly you guys would do well to actually get your widgets to work and be stable rather than release more and more of them. Yes I have contacted support three times, all I got was apologies and got told to clear my cache. Seriously? Your support acts like they think you are an idiot. No actual solutions offered, ever. And yes I know every WP configuration is different, I have had these issues on EVERY site I tried the widgets, with the most reliable themes there are for Elementor: GeneratePress and Hello Theme. It is your code that is the problem, not my configuration. For being a paid plugin, your quality assurance is just really poor.

    On top of all the poor performance and missing proper documentation, your plugin adds a totally unnecessary top level menu entry in your WordPress Dashboard. And even in the paid Pro version, it will regularly nag me with global Notifications to rate the plugin and even show annoying advertisements for your other plugins (e.g. NotificationX). No thanks.
    Oh, and conveniently, there is no option to cancel the subscription in my account on your site either.. Beyond annoyed with this plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Rupok


    Hi @danielt23

    Hope you are doing well. Sorry to see you disappointed. While I can relate the issue with Flip carousel as it uses some CSS3 properties that might not work on every browser. Regarding Restricted Content and Calendar, there’s the option to set width, I think static width in pixel value causing this. We have a dedicated team working to improve the quality of the plugin every day, so it’s disappointing if you feel this way. We’ll surely address the issues if you can point out specifically. And I think we have proper documentation here –

    We had the admin notice for some time but we have removed that a long time ago. Make sure you are using the updated version. Also definitely you should be able to cancel your subscription, here’s the guide –

    If you need any assistance or already created a ticket, please share any reference for your ticket so I can have a look.

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