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  1. damianj
    Posted 8 years ago #


    Just setting it up and playing around with it at the moment, but my blog is:

    It is getting to how I want it to look, but i am having a few problems, if anyone has any suggestions or feedback, it would be very much appreciated.

    Ok, now the problems that I am having:

    • The current page "hover" state (in the top nav bar) is not meant to change, but I should be fine to fix this, just css
    • the page footer, on longer pages like http://www.damianjolley.com/blog/?p=1#comments the footer does not move down
    • I want the nav bar at the top and bottom to move left a bit, but i cannot work out why it is indented
    • In Firefox, the footer "Damian Jolley - Graphic Designer" is lower that the nav bar text. (I use Safari, and also have Firefox)
    • I don't have IE, I would be interested in how it looks in IE
    • Any feedback or where I can read about improving the code would be very much appreciated too

    I will post again later for a review of the design once I have completed the site, I'd like help with the coding mainly first if possible.

    I should add, I created this site through modifying the default theme.


  2. damianj
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I have resolved 2 of my problems (for now)
    to get the footer sign-off "damian jolley - graphic design" to float right without dropping down a line, it had to be the first item in the list <li>

    I have looked at it in IE, I wish i hadn't. The menu is different. sigh.

    and i've fixed the hover state in the menu :-)

    the footer not moving down is doing my head in tho

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