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  • At first i was very fond of getsocial. The features are exactly what I needed, and it seemed to position itself better in the expected places than other hover bars. But after using it a few weeks I found heaps of problems.

    Today and yesterday I spent about 4 hours screening my code to solve problems that in the end turned out to be created by getsocial. Since the plugin also creates numerous W3C validation errors, trouble shooting is quite complicated.

    I appreciate developers who sacrifice their time to develop plugins. Buggy plugins, however, are also a sacrifice on the side of the user. Uncounted hours are wasted by fixing broken sites.

    That is especially true when the developer never even bothers to answer any support thread. This plugin’s support forum hasn’t seen the developer show up for 6 months.

    Initially a very nice plugins, but the problems should be fixed, and peeking into the support forum every 2 months wouldn’t be too bad either.

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