• As mentioned by others, the plugin is buggy.

    I ended up buying this because of the sub-tasks. Unfortunately sub-tasks are nothing more than a note of the task. They do not truly equate to a child task. The calendar does not show all my tasks or milestones. The “My Tasks” screen would show undone tasks as done and tasks I set as done as undone.

    OK… Let’s work with support to figure this out. That is when they ask you for your admin login credentials. I’m sorry. NO. Are you kidding me?

    They told me to turn off all other plugins and switch to the 2016 WP Theme. I did. Still did not work.

    They asked again for admin rights to figure it out. So I gave them ‘limited’ rights to my back end so they could see the issue from there.

    All they said was it works for them in their environment and they need full admin rights to figure it out.

    That was a show stopper.

    They would not even try to figure out the issue without access to my back end. Forget about the lag in communication due to them being overseas. Their refund policy is strict, but I was relentless and made sure that my first request for the refund was within the 14 days. It took another 14 days of back and forth (one email per day due to time lag) before they finally consented to the refund.

    So… one star for returning my money. Thank you.

    I wanted this to work. I have done a lot of looking around. I have settled on OrangeScrum OpenSource (not a wp-plugin).

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