• **update**
    I have increased the star rating as a 1 star is harsh. We do appreciate your contributions to the community.

    latest update has broken our avada theme layout on mobile and desktop.

    It seems like with every update there is a new bug that creeps up.

    We have THOUSANDS of categories and the import/export is FAR from even remotely working properly. ie: mix up in fields

    Shortcodes dont work very well they display shortcodes instead of shortcode output for example.

    If you have LOTS of data to import or if you sadly manually input your data then you will find that this plugin is a waste of time but unfortunately the only directory plugin avail.

    The basic look and feel of the plugin its almost like its an unfinished work.

    Customer support is great though, I’ll give them that, but they could not make it work for us. Custom work costs extra of course and with each update breaking something new it was not feasible. So we just hired someone to make us a custom solution from the ground up. In bang for your buck its the best method. Just use your favorite search engine to find someone that offers custom software for web dev. Good luck.

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  • Plugin Author Business Directory Plugin


    Hi searchfindconnect,

    I’m very sorry you’ve had a negative experience here.

    Sounds like you needed to have some support discussions with us regarding these issues. I didn’t see any issues raised here in the forum or in our email inbox. We’d love to help you fix all of these issues if you’re still struggling with them as I don’t believe they represent the true experience of Business Directory.

    Regarding your comments:

    – I have not seen the CSV import mix up the fields to date–the import will pull in precisely what exists in the columns of your CSV file. If you have an example where this isn’t working, I’d love to see it so we can get that issue fixed. I’ve not heard of that reported in our 20K active installs to date, so it would help to know more about that.

    – The shortcode issue could be some kind of conflict that we haven’t seen yet. If you’re still having issues, have you tried a conflict test to see what might be going on? Here is an article about how to test for theme and plugin conflicts with Business Directory, which may help pinpoint the issue: http://businessdirectoryplugin.com/support-forum/faq/how-to-check-for-plugin-and-theme-conflicts-with-bd/

    It could be something with how Avada theme is rendering the content, but without more details, I can’t say.

    – The latest update to 4.0 now supports directory themes/skins, which allow you to radically change the look of the directory with one click. They are a major improvement over the old “basic” way you’re mentioning here. However, not all themes easily handle us as a full custom post type and we have a setting to help you with that–had you contacted us about the issue, we would have mentioned this.

    Here’s more info about them.

    You can most likely fix your layout issues immediately–Go under Directory Admin->Manage Options, General tab and check “Disable Advanced CPT Integration” and that allows the “old method” of display. Most folks on themes that aren’t WP compliant find that works. With Avada being a major theme, I’d prefer to see what you’re seeing and help get it fixed. Contact us here so we can help you better.: http://businessdirectoryplugin.com/contact/

    For a plugin that you’re still using and has “great customer support” a one star rating seems a bit harsh here. We’d like a chance to help make it better for you if you’d let us. Posting a rating without contacting customer support about your issues isn’t the best way to do that, though.

    Again–we’d like to make your site work better and help you get things running. Please contact us to discuss these issues further.

    Plugin Author Business Directory Plugin


    Hi searchfindconnect,

    I appreciate the rating upgrade.

    Again–happy to help with your issues you’ve identified. Please contact me. We are very responsive and willing to help.

    Please let me know.

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