• The Pro version has enough bugs in it to cause yourself a headache over and over again. I tried to use their “pro” support to only find that form doesn’t work either. And, they consistently mark my support topic as resolved on here even though nothing is resolved, they want me to use their broken pro support website form.

    To make this work, I will install their updates as they come locally, and then I go through and fix the bugs that appear afterwards. It’s a maintenance nightmare. This might work for non Pro users, but the Pro extension plugins are so poorly coded. I paid money for this plugin, and it was a waste. At this point, I’m trying to find or create a new solution that’s better supported, especially for being paid.

    If you’re not technically savvy, this plugin is NOT for you. You’ll need a dev to fix it up for you. I don’t recommend this at all. Fortunately I can code, but if I couldn’t? I would be dead in the water with a broken website.

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  • Plugin Author Josh Kohlbach


    Hi @geekmenina,

    Thanks for the candid feedback. We’re working hard to fix things up since we took over and I’m the first to admit there’s been some teething issues as we go back and address some of these quality issues. Please make sure you’re on the latest releases, please always run updates on your staging (which is sounds like you’re doing the right thing there).

    As for the closing of support tickets on here. I can see you posted one question on our forum, we mentioned a couple of times we are not allowed to support our pro plugins here. It’s against the WordPress forum TOS, please see here: https://wordpress.org/support/guidelines/#do-not-post-about-commercial-products

    Our support form on our website is open for all and we’re receiving tickets from others without any issues. As Lloyd mentioned on your thread here, if you’re having trouble with the form, please reach out directly to support@wcvendors.com.

    I do appreciate the review despite it being a 1-star, but since we haven’t heard from you at all (even on our premium support) I feel its a bit unjustified.

    We’re waiting and willing to help you as a valued Pro user, just reach out.

    Thread Starter Christina


    I have manually submitted to the email provided, just now, the various fatal errors and 404s this plugin causes to my site without my intervention.

    I am happy to rescind my one-star review once it’s promptly addressed, otherwise, it stands.

    Thread Starter Christina


    Just coming back to update – I did send in my bugs a month ago, they tell me they are working on them for the next version, but a new version has yet to be released.

    I’ve also found more bugs, including vendors not being able to add products once their account is created and product filters breaking when this plugin is activated.

    I have been patient but I’ve lost a lot of sales at this point, and have decided to remove this entirely from my website. This has been so disappointing, and again, a waste of time and money.

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