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  • I had so many issues with this plugin, on top of all the “free” version is plain useless, after all my troubles they then ask me to PAY for the plugin. Yeah, no thank you.

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  • Dear dzoni103,

    Thanks for your feedback. We appreciate every honest feedback over here.

    Let us help you kindly in this regards.

    1. We’d be more appreciative, had you chance to mention at least one single issue or even a bug from your list of “so many issues”, that you came across with. Did we refuse to fix it? Or what was the bug?

    2. What exactly makes the “Free version useless”? Could you be more specific, as we are not sure how 100.000+ users still use a useless product. Moreover, we constantly investigate the market, directory and all the WordPress plugins available today. The goal is to contribute to the community and bring the best to end users and we can surely name that our plugin has way more options in Lite version that hundreds of others.

    3. “after all my troubles they then ask me to PAY for the plugin.” – to be honest, this is a strange statement and we’d ask you to prove how, who and when asked you to pay for a plugin that is free?

    4. We are not sure whether you have contacted us either. We do not want to think that this is a fake one star review with the goal to harm our plugin, but still we’d like to have more professional approach and give us details of quire basic aspects.

    For instance: A. mention at least one issue and a bug, so that we could be proved that the plugin does not work. B. Name your website, platform and testing environment you did try our plugin on. Browser/OS/Device. Code is never perfect and millions of plugins can bring conflict, this is why such information s important in this regards. C. We had no chance to detect your email or username in our support emails , nor in the social media. The mention of the name or email title would give us a hit about that. If you do actually contacted us and this review does not appear to be fake.

    This obviously will justify your one star review.
    Thank you and hopefully to hear from you , so that we could help you as soon as possible.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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