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  • For the record: I’ve made an account just to give Gutenberg the rating it deserves – 2 star (I could not gave one, because I know that some people worked really hard to develop the actual system). I don’t understand why the need to change the editor and not only that, but release it with tons of bugs. The ex-editor was working just fine, everybody knew how to use it, everything was clear. Gutenberg is the opposite. Also the thing that it was automatically updated made it really worse.

    Here are some of my top frustrations:

    1. The tag system is totally broken: you write tags and the disappear visually from the editor. You try to search for a tag, the query is done to the server , but the results are not shown in the editor. If by mistake you write a wrong tag it automatically gets added to the tag database (before you needed to actually save or publish the post). It used to take a few seconds to add tags, now it takes forever.
    2. Galleries: You cannot use the file media sizes anymore, like thumbnail / medium / large etc. The images are rendered when the site is loading, meaning slower loading times.
    3. Code editor is a mess and switching form visual to editor is not that easy.
    4. The title text is very large taking a lot of visual space from the editor.
    5. Adding block seems tedious for me, you have to click a + sign, search for it, etc etc
    6. Re-rendering: most of the actions you do, like adding galleries, clicking outside the writing area, just re-renders the right sidebar. I always have the impression that my tags and categories are gone, just to see them a few seconds later.
    7. Like other mentioned , we now have two sites, posts with the old editor and posts with new editor.

    On the good side (the only thing I found good) now you can search in the Categories menu in the editor. I really like this feature.

    Hopefully in the future these things will get resolved, still I do not understand why the rush so release something that has so many clear bugs.

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