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    I was checking out this plugin to enable a customized portfolio area and ran into several issues:

    1. Plugin stopps working, if you change URL from /portfolio to something else
    2. Integration into breadcrumb is missing
    3. I got several issues with the read more link, showing just photos instead of full article
    4. I got several issues, with clicking on an “project executive”s name, it appended the description text to URLs
    5. I had a hard time, changing the order of fields, code looks a little bit messy there
    6. If you want to add aditional fields, you have todo it for each and every articel.
    7. No documentation, howto show the Technologies widget, just on Portfolio related pages.

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    …it would be also absolutetly disirable, to have more order criteria in widgets, not just technologies, how about industries, etc. why not allow for a generic content type as in drupal, here?

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