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  • Installed the lite version to try.

    1. Doesn’t save FB App ID
    2. Social Gallery logo in the free version is a bit ‘in your face’. I understand the need to encourage folks to upgrade but still…. make it a bit more subtle!

    3. When I click on my social share buttons at the top of my pages, I get a quick view of this plugin appearing. Say I want to share my page to Twitter. I click on the Twitter share button but I get to see the a snippet of this plugin’s lightbox appear… before it vanishes and with no share to Twitter. I click on the Twitter button a 2nd time, then it share to Twitter.

    4. Clicking on my share Email button, doesn’t work at all. I get an error saying “You must specify an “href” attribute to the iframe.”
    Deactivate this plugin and my social share buttons work perfectly and so it is this plugin which is causing problems.

    EDIT: In view of the very positive reply from the plugin author, I have changed the rating to 5.

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  • Plugin Author mikemayhem3030


    Hi nordicmike

    In answer to the above

    1.) Is fixed and I’ll roll out the fix on the lite version (I’ve recently taken over development and support)

    2.) I agree, on the front end I’ll be dialing this down, it can be hidden with CSS

    3.) This is because those icons are images, and you must have all content set? you need to use CSS selectors

    4.) Related to 3

    The free version definitely hasn’t been neglected, it was being done but since 1 July when I’ve taken over it’s better than ever!

    Please can you retract the 1* and keep an eye out for another update over the weekend.





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    Please use the Support Forum for help – this Reviews forum is not for support requests.

    Plugin Author mikemayhem3030


    @wpyogi thanks for this

    Can you remove the 1* ratings on this plugin, as for each of them none of the reviewee’s have attempted to seek support before rating 1* and it is dragging down the ratings.

    A couple of the reviews do not even understand the nature of the product.



    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    That’s not a cause we accept. We usually remove reviews that are just made to advertise someone’s website or reviews that are made regarding “pro” versions of the theme/ plugin.

    @ Mikemayhem3030

    Ok…. thank you for your reply and explainations. Apologies to moderators if this should have been placed in Support.

    1. I look forward to seeing the fix so that we can save our own FB App Id’s.

    I will indeed use the Support forum later today as I do not know how to use CSS selectors to prevent the social icon images conflicting with the plugin.

    I also look forward to seeing the toning down of the SG logo/link in the next update (though the FB App ID is top priority for fixing)but I don’t want to hide it entirely as that isn’t fair on you. You deserve to have credit and visibility when you are offering something for free.

    Again, I appreciate you very quick response and for that, combined with your promise of rolling out an update for these, I want to change the review rating to 5 (just trying to figure out on how to do that). Thank you once again.

    Plugin Author mikemayhem3030


    @andrew that’s fine no worries, just wish people would seek support before posting up a negative review (as it’s mostly a setup issue on their end)…

    @nordicmike – 2.1 should fix the App:ID and also reduce the logos

    Cheers for the 5* age and do check out Social Gallery PRO and also the video version

    Thanks Mike. I will more than likely get the pro version just as soon as my site ‘gets off the ground’.

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