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  • Using Internet Explorer 9 fully patched on Windows 7 64-bit I am getting this warning:

    Your Browser is out of Date!

    It looks like you’re using an old version of Internet Explorer. For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser.

    Update Internet Explorer or learn how to browse happy


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  • same

    That’s something that’s come from a plugin or your theme. That’s not a WordPress “error”/”warning”.

    I’d suggest disableing your plugins and enableing them one-by-one to see which one is doing that sort of check.


    That IS a WordPress warning.

    The latest version of IE is IE10, so your browsers are indeed out of date. See

    I stand corrected. 🙂

    I’ve had a quick look through the source code, and it doesn’t tell you much. It sends your browser version off to a WordPress API function for checking, and that’s where the problem is.

    All that I can guess is that thanks to Windows 8 coming out with IE10, The WordPress admins have decreed that IE9 is now “out of date” as it’s not the latest version. As I use FireFox and Chrome for any back-end stuff I haven’t seen this message before, but I checked in IE (9 here) and I get the same error.

    Ah but on Windows 7 IE 9 is the latest version as IE 10 is only in beta. WordPress should verify OS before claiming something that is not true.

    Windows 7 IE 9 is the latest version as IE 10 is only in beta.

    Not true. As of 5 days ago when I first posted the link to Microsoft’s download IE site, the page says that IE 10 is available for Windows 7 SP1.

    Did you actually read that page?

    The first thing that you see… “Download Internet Explorer 9”

    About 2-3 screens down the page… “Try Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview

    That means that yes, IE10 is available. But it’s not an official version release yet. That means that as of this point it should not be considered to be the standard browser version. I’m sure that it will be very soon, but “soon” is not the same as “now”. When it’s an official version release, and it’s included in Windows updates then it can be the latest browser, but not until then.

    Yes I did read that page.

    Here’s what I saw.

    Looking for our latest browser?
    You’ll need Windows 8 or Windows RT or Windows 7 SP1 to use Internet Explorer 10.

    No mention of downloading IE9 or trying IE 10 Release Preview, but then I’m using Linux to access the page so it might be showing me something different.

    I did look around a bit more and yes you’re right that IE 10 is still release preview.

    WordPress uses Browse Happy to determine the latest browser version. I’m not sure if that site is maintained by or, but they show IE10 as being the latest version.

    That does explain it a bit more. The page is outputitng different content depending on the OS that’s accessing it.

    Browse Happy is still wrong. I know that they’ll throw out a lot of arguments about it, but I don’t see them as being right when the only official release for IE10 is available only in Windows 8.

    The thing is this doesn’t affect me because the only thing I use IE for is previewing my sites to make sure my themes look correct in them. However this is still a problem for clients and anyone else that uses IE and can’t upgrade to a proper release version yet. Hopefully Browse Happy will figure it out one day. By then it will probably be to late anyway.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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