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  • Denis66


    Hello, I would have recommended this free plugin for a while. But no more today. I didn’t use pro version. Since the author seems to have reached an agreement with the Sendiblue® services. As usual, in the settings, Sendiblue is recommended for this SMTP plugin. If you also install the plugin “SendinBlue – Registration Forms and SMTP WordPress” which is my case, WP Mail SMTP by WPForms favors sending by SendinBlue, even if you deselect the transactional sending of emails. If you are trying to make your SMTP server work with it, it uses the Sendiblue service to send all emails from your website. And with e-mails for alerts, various informations, the free 300 e-mails / day are sometimes quickly reached. What caught my attention was that I received an alert from Sendiblue® when I had not used their service recently to do emailling. I find that the information is not transparent and honest on the subject. I uninstalled this SMTP plugin and use today Easy WP SMTP which works very well without these problems… I installed cron task on my server too. I lost a day of work because of this problem. But it was critical for my shop because my customers and me were no longer receiving messages to confirm orders or others informations.

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  • Plugin Support Jess Quig


    Hi @denis66,

    I’m very sorry to hear this didn’t seem to work for you!

    I also apologize, though, as I’m not sure I understand your message fully. It sounds like you may have tried using Sendinblue’s own WordPress plugin at the same time as WP Mail SMTP. However, using multiple SMTP-type plugins at the same time will unfortunately cause them to conflict — and prevent either one from working.

    In case you decide to give this another try down the road, or it’s helpful to any others who run across this thread, here’s our tutorial with the exact steps you’d need to get set up with Sendinblue through WP Mail SMTP.

    As far as sending limits, it’s definitely understandable if Sendinblue’s free account limits aren’t a good fit for your site. Some site owners will choose to opt for a paid Sendinblue account in this case, while others will choose to use a different mailer that has higher limits for their free accounts. To help sort through all of these details, we have a doc that highlights all of the key details (including sending limits) of each mailer option in WP Mail SMTP. That page also links out to all of our mailer setup tutorials, which are step by step setup guides.

    We hope you give our plugin another try down the road! And if you do, please know that we provide limited complimentary support to all free version users (here’s the link to that).

    So if you were to have questions, or run into unexpected issues, you could absolutely let us know there!



    Hello Jess,
    Thanks for your reply.
    The conditions of use have changed since I installed your plugin by only allowing the use of the Sending Blue® services with your plugin when their plugin is installed. The proof that two plugin does not conflict because I use Easy WP SMTP, as an other SMTP plugin, without problem with the Sending Blue® plugin, and transactional sending of emails option disabled. I reproach is not to be able to do without Sending Blue transactional sending of emails with your plugin, even when the option is disabled on Sending Blue® plugin. And especially to use its own SMTP what I do without problem today with Easy WP SMTP, as an other SMTP plugin. I just blame you for not informing users well and stating that you are a partner of the Sending Blue® third party services. That Sending Blue offers paid services is understandable and has nothing to do. It’s just that this service becomes essential if you also use the Sending Blue plugin as you say. I just want to pay the services of Sending Blue for emailling to my customers but not to send me alerts or feed-back messages by emails…
    Sorry but I lost too much time with this story and comments about possible security vulnerabilities mentioned by some do not inspire me confidence. It’s up to you to communicate to change this image by being transparent, reassuring users and proposing a solution that works, without going through Sending Blue® services if people want to use their own SMTP server. In my opinion, it is not by forcing or complicating things that we obtain the adhesion of users. Good luck for this endeavor.

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