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  • I have a home-grown plugin that (long story short) takes a post’s featured image and attaches it to an email and sends on publish.

    This worked just fine up until the latest WP release. Now it seems the attachment only works when the publish is now/immediate. However, when a scheduled post publishes the email is sent but the feature image isn’t attached. I know that sounds strange but that’s what I’m seeing over the last couple days.

    Is it possible there’s been some sort of “enhancement” in the core that might cause this? How can I check? Where should I look? Not being able to schedule is major bad news.

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  • Anybody have anything on this. I tested it again.

    When I schedule a post the email fires on publish but the image that should be attached does not attach.

    When I publish immediately, the email sends and the attachment is attached.

    This just started with 3.2.

    My question is simple…what changed in 3.2 that effects grabbing the post Featured Image?

    Please help. This significantly compromises the effectiveness of the plugin. More importantly it destroys the marketing strategy enabled by it.


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