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  • Hi,
    Recently tested your plugin.
    looks great but unfortunately doesn’t really work so well.
    I had a png that i wanted to convert to a jpg.
    I ran the conversion with the plugin for the single file.
    it was in /uploads/2020/10/
    the jpg was however created in /uploads/2021/01/

    Also I noticed that for the post referencing the file (was set as a featured image), this was still referencing the old png file, so the database update hasn’t worked in this case.

    So I just wanted to report these bugs, hopefully its helpful.

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  • Plugin Author kubiq



    I’ve never experienced issue like this

    You are also first person reporting something like this

    As you can see there are more than 8000 active installations of this plugin, so because of this fact and facts above I assume that this is problem in your setup or that specific uploaded file

    Please test it with another file, or upload new one, if it still persists, then it’s probably some problem with your WordPress installation or it’s conflict with other plugin, but I don’ know about any conflict plugin.

    If you will have more tested files and more data, then I can maybe help you somehow.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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