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    THere is a bug with the cloudflare extension in multisite mode.
    it is not possible to set a different cloudflare zones. We have to choose the same zone that is defined in the network admin settings although the other settings can be setup on a per site/blog basis.

    Please investigate and fix.

    Also is it okay to use the same zone for different domains? my main concern is when I will use the option to flush cloudflare on post modifications, but I have two domains?
    Lets say the domain added to cloudflare as a zone is and the domains on the wordpress multisite are and What happen when a flush is requested from Will you try to flush ? Either I think it is not going to work because is connected with cloudflare and w3 total cache doesn’t control it.

    I am actually going to test that too. It is just taking time for the dns propagation.


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  • Same problem here. Please fix it!

    Lorenzo Nannings

    I have the same problem.

    I can’t authorise W3 Total Cache’s Cloudflare extension on a multisite blog – the process hangs for a moment after selecting the zone, then returns me to the settings screen.

    Any sign of a fix?




    Same here. I have a multisite network with 3 subsites. After activating the Cloudflare extension on the Network level, I am able to go to any of the subsites and authorie the respective zone for the first one I try. And on that subsite, everything works fine.

    The problem is when I try to do the same on a second subsite, it ask me for the key and allows me to select a zone, but uppon selecting it the page refreshes as if nothing happened, with no zone selected. Another problem is that when I try to empty the caches on subsites where cloudflare coudn’t be properly authorized, I’m prompted with an error message.

    This problem seems to be laying around for quite some time, as pointed by @fkone nearly a year ago, would be nice to see a fix soon.



    I am seeing this same issue also. Any update would be appreciated.



    I explained the problem to W3 Total Cache support but received no solution so I ended up replacing W3 Total Cache with WP Super Cache on my multisite blogs but leaving it enabled on my main multisite blog.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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