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  • Could this be a PHP issue? Unix timestamps are based on January 1 1970 00:00:00 GMT.

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    It wouldn’t be PHP, but the server, actually. To get a date pre 1/1/1970, you’re actually putting in negative timestamps. And Windows barfs on those, IIRC.

    That said, it worked before upgrading to 2.8, so there may be a problem with 2.8 and negative time stamps.

    The server is running :

    Is this the place to do bug report?

    I confirmed this works fine on WP 2.7

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    Report the bug here:

    I spoke to Matt Mullenweg about this very issue a couple of days ago at WordCamp UK in Cardiff. He said it’s not a problem with the WP core, and if you can’t get pre 1969 dates displaying properly then it’s to do with your host (he seemed aware of the talk around the issue).

    Matt mentioned a Benjamin Franklin historical blog powered by WP which works fine, but I’ve been unable to find it. He also said it’s OK to have dates going right back to year zero (pre-Jesus blogging might be a problem, he said).

    My site, the Beatles Bible, isn’t displaying pre-1969 dates properly either (see, for example I used the MySQL query workaround detailed by Hallsofmontezuma in this thread:
    It’s not ideal, however, as it doesn’t seem to allow data formatting (eg 20 January 1965, rather than 1965-01-20 22:00:18, which includes the time down to the second), and the breadcrumb trail is effectively useless (it displays today’s date rather than January 1965).

    I’ll give my hosting company a shout and see if they can help.

    Interestingly, was recently closed – not because, as Matt claims, the problem is fixed, but because the patch was out of date. It seems odd, possibly unhelpful, to change the status to wontfix/closed rather than needs-patch or even fixed.

    Just to update this, I have a dev area on my site with a separate install of WP, which I use to check theme changes, widgets etc in a live environment. I rolled this back to 2.7.1, and the pre-1970 datestamps worked absolutely fine.

    So it seems that the problem is a new(ish) one, specific to WP 2.8x.

    If anyone cleverer than me can navigate the trac site I’d be grateful if this bug could be reported. Alternatively, if the patch detailed in ticket 2149 could be updated that would be useful.

    Try “”, it works for me.
    (I am new at php and wordpress…)

    @gosunatxrea: The link you provided is pretty much the best solution to this problem. Removing those lines from wp-includes/functions.php will prevent dates from looking incorrect in most themes and the WP admin section.

    The lines of code that are indicated for removal check to see if the Unix timestamp of a post is less than 0 (that is, before the Unix epoch of midnight, January 1, 1970). If so, the post’s date is automatically set to be the time, right now.

    The code block in question is noted as a “sanity check for PHP 5.1.0”, but I don’t see why that’s needed, as to the best of my knowledge, PHP 5.1.0 doesn’t have a problem with negative timestamps.

    Win32 / fresh install : date_i18n() outputs error

    To correct this bug, that code block was added.

    that code block was modified (added) in :
    Revision 8199 Fix date() warning on Windows. Props ozh. fixes #7186
    Revision 8742 date_i18n() fixes. Props nbachiyski. fixes #8153
    Revision 9616 Use localized dates on General Options page. Props nbachiyski. fixes #8153
    Revision 9742 date_i18n() fixes. Props nbachiyski. fixes #8153

    Does it only has to do with php 4 and apache on win32 ?

    gosunatxrea – I can’t thank you enough for that! Commenting out those lines worked a treat. Hopefully this bug will be fixed in the WP core during future revisions.

    The uncommenting doesn’t work for me, I’m afraid. Fresh install of 2.8.4, but the post date keeps changing to 1-1-1970 🙁


    I started my log afresh, wanting to add content from before 1900 even, hoping that the published date would show up in the URL as well. But I can’t create an archive from before 1969 (and only then because of my server timezone enables a few hours difference from the unix epoch 0).

    There seems to be another check for negative dates because I commented out the lines in functions.php, but to no avail.

    gosunatxrea’s fix worked for me on a historical blog on FDR’s first hundred days I just set up on Dreamhost that’s running 2.8.4. I’d give you the link, but we literally just put it up, so it’ll be in flux for quite awhile.

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