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  • Has anyone noticed that if you browse from page to page in Akismet, you’re seeing the identical spam comments and are not able to see any comments beyond the first 50? I just noticed this today (this is my first time checking Akismet since the 2.5.1 upgrade), and it’s quite annoying. I’m sure I may have legitimate comments within the spammy ones, but I can’t get to them! 🙁

    (My thought – is this a bug? Or is it just me?)

    btw, since Akismet is a regularly-used tool, I wasn’t sure which forum to put this under. I hope this is fine.

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  • I recently upgraded to 2.5.1 and my Akismet has stopped working altogether. Anyone else having problems?

    Okay, no responses from anyone. That’s cool. My question, then:

    Is anyone seeing this or not? 🙂

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Akismet has had problems like that before, I would not be surprised if it got reintroduced by accident.

    Frustrating. Any way around this or do I have to dig into the database?

    It’s not just you. The same thing is happening to me, as well.

    I wonder if the best course of action is to revert to 2.5… 🙁

    The new version of Akismet *does* let me navigate beyond the first 50 posts, but it’s not a fix to let me navigate to ALL my comments. I have hundreds of spam comments just sitting there, and page 7 is the same as page 8 and page 9, for whatever reason. I can’t understand what’s happening here. 🙁

    btw, speaking of which, it’d be nice to incorporate WordPress commenter moderation functionality into Akismet. In other words, I would like the ability to Approve/Delete comments within Akismet and have them immediately removed (which could potentially solve the problem I describe in this post). That way, I can hit Delete and not have to scroll through the 300+ lines of amateur porn videos, and I can approve the comment exactly where it is in the queue than to have to go scroll through all comments to hit the “Despam marked comments” to whitelist the better commenters. It’d make my life (and I’m sure many others) a lot easier.

    I’m not seeing the page 7/8/9 problem you’re talking about with the applied fix / upgrade to 2.1.5 — so I’d guess it’s your server configuration (‘Unable to allocate xxxxx bytes’ / php memory_limit setting).

    Agreed on the Approve/Delete comments bits … It’d be great to be able to “Select All” and delete 50 comments at a time … Of course, rather than that being a function incorporated into Akismet, it’d be a bit cleaner to just have Akismet Queue use the regular Comment system …

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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