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    Hi, I just found a bug.

    When you press “Complete” in a topic, it loads the same topic again, you don’t advance to the next one as it happened before (and as it should be normal). It’s marked completed, but doesn’t change to the next topic.

    Plugin version: 1.2
    Learndash version: 3.4.1

    Note: I have also installed “Uncanny Toolkit for LearnDash” (free version) and it doesn’t affect the result. I deactivated it and the same thing keeps happening

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  • Plugin Author Pankaj Agrawal


    Hi @pcastro01

    We were able to reproduce the issue. It is due to a change in LearnDash v3.4.1

    We are in touch with LearnDash team, and they should release an update with a fix very soon.


    Thread Starter pcas01


    Hi @liveaspankaj
    Today Learndash released update and fixed the issue.

    Thanks for the help!

    Plugin Author Pankaj Agrawal


    Hi @pcastro01

    You are welcome.


    Hi Pankaj,

    Nice plugin and simpel to use. Thanks.

    I noticed one thing in my client site.
    I have 4 quizzes in one lesson. The first four automatically autocomplete but the latets didn’t. You have to mark the subject of the quiz and the it will complete.
    Do you have a suggestion what this can be.
    Look forward to hear.

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    Hi @maced0507 ,

    AutoComplete LearnDash Lessons and Topics plugin only auto-completes the lessons and topics when a user visits the page. So, It should not conflict with the quiz in any way.

    I’m assuming this is something else, did you mean?
    You’re manually grading the quiz when a user submits the answer to complete the quiz. If this is the case then, there must be an ESSAY/OPEN ANSWER type question in the last quiz.

    To automatically complete the quiz, you can change the question’s grading settings to “Graded, Full Points Awarded”.

    Learn more:


    Hi Saurabn,

    Thanks for your reaction.

    I have indeed 4 kind of question types,
    Quiz 1 and 2 are fill in the blanks questions
    Quiz 3 is single choice
    Quiz 4 is indeed an open answer which I have graded to not graded and no points awarded.
    One thing is strange. When testing as admin the questions are autocompleted, but as a student (tester at the moment) is a subscriber, but then only question 1 and 2 are autocompleted.

    So as you said, autocomplete is not possible on open answers.
    But nog quiz 3, with single choice.

    Maybe you have a suggestion?


    Ed Boon

    Hi @maced0507,

    Sorry for the delayed response.
    Did you mean you have only one quiz with four questions? or have four quizzes with one question each?

    This plugin only works for LearnDash’s lessons and topics but not for quizzes, it could be any question type.

    LearnDash has three options for Open/Essay type questions and it can also be automated if you select “Graded, Full Points Awarded” (Automatically mark the essay as “Graded” and award full points.)

    As you said you have set open/essay questions to “NOT GRADED and NO POINTS AWARDED” which means, “The essay question is submitted and awaiting a grade. The final quiz grade will be displayed as “Pending” to the user.”

    For “But not quiz 3, with a single choice.”
    Most likely you didn’t select a correct answer in the options list. Please refer to this screenshot:

    Admin users come with some extra permissions, to understanding what the actual learner is experiencing, we always test with a “subscriber” user role.

    There is a dedicated LearnDash LMS forum on Facebook, you can put your questions there to get fast and better replies from people who use it every day.

    LearnDash Forum (a Facebook group):


    Hi Saurabn,

    I have 4 quizzes in one lesson with forced timer set up on 1 hour and may not be restarted, so I set the restart on zero.

    Sometimes the timer shows up, but the most time it disappears and in as well as lineair as free form the progress from quiz 2 to 3 and 3 to 4 will will go to the next quiz with the buttons. It works when I use the navigation on the left. Can I hide the buttons next and previous.

    I use Chrome as an administrator and test in Firefox so I don’t have to switch.
    Students (testers) are subscribers.

    I also use LearnDash Powerpack but noticed that the plugin Auto Complete Course Lessons And Topics is this the same as in LearnDash PowerPack and can this conflict with Uncanny Quiz completion advances to next step.

    Look forward to hear from you.



    Hi @maced0507,

    Yes, both plugins can conflict with each other, I would suggest you should use one plugin for a task.

    I tried to re-create the issue as per your description, but couldn’t and everything is working fine as it should. The quiz timer is working properly with the normal LearnDash quiz.

    Maybe you can try the LearnDash forum to get more suggestions.


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