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  • Version of the plugin: 1.2.2

    I’m trying to generate a simple field via code. In my functions.php I’m doing the following stuff:

    simple_fields_register_field_group ( 'my_test', array(
      'name' => 'Test',
      'description' => 'This is a test',
      'repeatable' => 1,
      'fields' => array(
          'slug' => 'location',
          'name' => 'Location',
          'description' => '',
          'type' => 'googlemaps'

    When I do so everything works fine but using the simple field in a blogpost doesn’t show a map. This is because of line 180 and 181 in the file simple-fields-map-extension.php which are


    A working solution is

    isset($options["defaultMapTypeId"]) ? $options["defaultMapTypeId"] : "HYBRID",
    isset($options["defaultZoomLevel"]) ? $options["defaultZoomLevel"] : 10,

    where I’ve taken the default values from your code.

    Another problem is, that there is no default pointer when generating via code like I do. I think the reason is the same as above because the values do not exist and therefore it is not possible to show a default marker. Can you have a look at it?

    I also have an additional question that belongs to this topic. When generating the simple field via code how do I attach my own values like the default position, zoom level, etc.?Can you give an example because I’ve found nothing on your website.

    Thanks in advance for answering the questions/bugfixing and also for the great plugin in general. Very good work! 🙂

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