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    I updated version 1.7.7 couple of hours ago.
    A lot of option doesn’t work in “Theme Options”.
    I cannot write all of bugs, im not sure this is bug or not though.

    there are serious problem for me.
    1. Can’t change “Sitename Logo Font” any more. (Main Settings > Logo Options)

    2. Can’t add “Slider Images” any more. (Slider Settings > Home Page Slider Options)

    3.Can’t create “Create Custom Sidebars” any more (Misc Settings > Create Sidebars)

    4.Can’t change all of “Menu Settings”

    Im sorry my English is not good.
    I need your help.

    Sincerely yours

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    1. Can’t change “Sitename Logo Font”
    > I could change only first time.

    2. Can’t add “Slider Images”
    > I could add one slider image, then “Add Slide” button did’t work.

    3.Can’t create “Create Custom Sidebars”
    > same as above, “Add More” button didn’t work.
    and almost all “Misc Settings” doesn’t work too e.g. “Hide Image Border” “Show Comments Closed Text?” etc.

    4.Can’t change all of “Menu Settings”
    > Can’t change all of “Typography” too.

    thank you.

    After update I can’t even go to theme options. wp-admin/themes.php?page=kad_options turn out as 404 error.

    Theme Author Kadence Themes


    First let me say I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Because of a licensing issue I had to move the options panel to a new framework. I’ve been working night and day to make this better for everyone but it seems I don’t have all the bugs out yet.

    You can always move back, you should even have all your theme options:

    As for @okamabu it sounds like there is a javascript issue. If you can try disabling your plugins that might work. Then you can tell me which plugins you have and I can figure out the conflict.

    send me an email:

    @lobong, Your issue is strange. Try downloading the plugin version of the options panel it’s the redux framework:

    Once you activate it you can activate a demo theme options, let me know if it works.

    Kadence Themes

    I too am having problems after updating 1.7.7

    Slider is gone?
    Sitewide Banner is gone?
    All my Posts are gone?

    I think this is the best theme out so I hope that it can be resolved and bring back all my lost data


    Theme Author Kadence Themes


    Hey Everisingsun

    With version 1.7.5 and higher I had to change the theme options panel. There is a script that runs when you activate that checks to see if you have any theme options in the database then it copies those options to the new.

    Try deactivating and reactivating your theme. Else you can revert back to the previous version and get your options back.

    Kadence Themes

    @Kadence Themes

    Thank you! Im gonna try to fix.
    Unfortunately Im not good at Java or so I may tell you how is going.


    @Kadence Themes

    I uploaded 1.5.6 via ftp, deactivated then re-activated Virtue and it did the trick!

    Thanks alot you guys for the quick response and support

    I hope your theme changes doesn’t cause you guys anymore hassle



    @Kadence Themes

    My stuff was restored as same way to @everisingsun.

    I tried something about my plugins, e.g. activate, uninstall, etc, but I couldn’t find out what the problem is.

    Thanks for your kindly support.
    keep going Im rooting for you guys.

    Theme Author Kadence Themes


    Hey all,
    I’ve added a tab in the theme options that allows you to update and then import your previous theme options to the new options panel. You can download here.

    Kadence Themes

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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