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  • Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    If you can re-enable My Calendar, I’ll take a look.

    Thanks. PLugin is enabled.

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    I can’t see any problems right now; nothing that looks like the screenshot you shared. Are you seeing the issue?

    Yes, I see the problem:

    I refreshed twice and the page displayed incorrectly. But in another window, it’s okay.

    Screenshots coming. Thanks,

    That’s current, but I reloaded and it’s okay?

    Strange. It seems to have straightened out.
    The only thing I did was update a different plugin. WP Fastest Cache

    Spoke too soon. Display is messed up again; same as the prior screenshot.

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    OK. Most likely, this was specifically a cache issue, and you saw it differently on different browsers because of the differences in what caching plugins show to administators vs. the public. Without seeing it, I can only guess, but that would be my best guess.

    Okay, I think I see what is triggering the problem. It occurs when I use a Simple:Press (forum) admin function. It might be okay for the user.

    I will avoid using the admin function and see it anything else occurs. Thanks for troubleshooting this with me.

    Conflict with another plugin – Plugin Detective.

    It will not run unless in deactivate the Calendar. Is there anyway I can roll back to the prior version?

    Hi, Joe. I deactivated the caching plugin and I still get the error. Is it possible to roll back to 3.0.7?


    Hi again. There is a conflict with wordfence as well. Please let me know if there is a way to roll back.

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    Yes, certainly you can roll back if you wish to. You can download past versions from the My Calendar advanced view:

    If you can tell me anything about the problems you’re seeing, it would be helpful for me to determine what might be happening. Right now, I don’t have any information.

    I’m very sorry. Clearly, I am not very technical. Here is everything I know:

    I was one of the people who got the 3.0.0 update which is when the problems began. This was fixed by following your instructions here:

    My dev did this for me. I think that I was on 3.0.4 at that point. I installed the updates as you made them available. I no problems until 3.0.8

    With 3.0.8 active, I had some users email me to tell me they could not access my site. 503 error? I ignored this, but soon after, I saw the error in forum, screen shot above.

    I decided to try the plugin detective which I’ve never used. It would not load unless I deactivated the calendar. I gave it a rest after that.

    I activated the calendar this morning, intending to not use the admin bar in simplepress that I know causes an error. I do not need, Plugin Detective. I wanted to see if anything else would turn up since I unsure if the complaints from the users were related. It was 4 am in the morning – slow traffic.

    I was messing with wordfence, blocking ips. I have a list of blocked ips, in affect for about a year. All the sudden, the list was gone. It showed that no ips were blocked on the site. Please note the calendar was active for some time before this happened. Thirty minutes at least. I was working with the list; editing it.

    Seeing the list disappear, I assumed someone was on the site with me but ultimately, as soon as I deactivated the calendar, the blocked ip list was back and the site has been stable since.

    In regards to restoring the prior version, it won’t install because the other version is still on the site? If I delete 3.0.8 will the data be deleted as well? Is there anything I can do to help you solve this?

    Updated to 3.0.9. This is user view with calendar plugin activated:

    Deactivating calendar fixes the problem.


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