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    Have just updated one of my sites (luckily the only one so far) and version 2.0 breaks the siteorigin visual editor.

    When opened any editor screen is blank, but in text mode the HTML is visible.Please fix asap.

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  • Unfortunately I can’t do that because the majority of websites I run are for UK Doctor’s Practices and giving you admin rights means you will have the ability to see patient’s confidential information. I can try to reproduce it locally, if that’s any help? and send you the source code.

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    Absolutely that would be great 🙂 If you want to continue via email, you have the contact form there which goes to me personally (Ross).

    As I’ve only had 4 tickets open since the 2.0.0 release (which is pretty good comparing to some other experiences), I’m assuming that your issue is a plugin conflict with the new way FASC is doing things (the WP way) – in that case you’ll likely need to send me copies of those plugins via email too.


    Hi Ross,

    It may take me a day or two to get what you need, but in the meantime I can tell you that the sites in question use the Siteorigin Vantage theme with their page builder and widgets bundle, if that’s any help.
    I’ll post something on their forum, and see if they have any ideas.

    I also had this problem with FASC 2.0.0, I upgraded and it broke the Visual Editor. You could see the HTML in “Text” but the visual screen was blank. Also for some existing pages you could not see anything in either page.

    Unfortunately I have had to remove FASC as the site is in development and I need to keep working on it.

    My browser console log recorded the following
    TypeError: a.prototype.match is not a function[Learn More] load-scripts.php:133:453

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    Are you using the site origin editor too?

    Can you drop me a line via the contact form (I’ll reply), and then send me theme & plugins (assuming they have a plugin for the builder) to test?

    I’ve resolved all other issues that have come up so far (2.0.1 release landing any moment) and am keen to get this resolved quickly too.


    I am using Site Origin, with the latest versions of siteorigin pagebuilder, siteorigin widgets and vantage theme. I also use Frontier Post’s Frontier Buttons which adds some stuff to the Tinycmce editor (although turning this off had no impact).

    If you point me at the contact form (for some reason I can’t see one on this page) I will get in contact direct.

    I’m going to mark this as resolved in my case, after deleting the cache and disabling / re-enabling all the plugins it seems to be working now. No idea what happened.

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    @designsandcode I’ve deleted your offer to login to your user’s site. I’m am 100% sure you mean well but please never ask for credentials on these forums.

    Now for the why: The internet is a wonderful place full of very nice people and a few very bad ones. I’m sure everyone here is very nice however, by giving some ones keys to your house you are trusting they wont steal anything. Likewise the person who takes the keys is now responsible for the house FOREVER.

    If something was to go wrong, then you the author may well legally become liable for damages, which they would not normally have been as their software is provided without warranty.

    Please be aware that repeatedly asking for credentials will result in us asking you to repeatedly stop before escalating up to the plugins team.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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