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  • There is a bug in this plugin (Version 3.3.3), wich causes this plugin to fire 3 SQL updates for the wp_postmeta database table on each page request. The problem is caused by the function maybe_upgrade(). These update queries are fired on both frontend and admin interface.

    CWS_PageLinksTo->maybe_upgrade() - Line 283

    maybe_upgrade() is a migration function. The function searches for wp_options key “txfx_plt_schema_version” in a condition, which is unfortunately never set to the wp_options table after the successful migration. (See get_option(self::VERSION_KEY))

    Because of this, each and every request on every page generates wp_postmeta SQL updates in the database, because the plugin tries to migrate data.

    These queries look like this:

    SET meta_key = ‘_links_to’
    WHERE meta_key = ‘links_to’

    UPDATE wp_postmeta
    SET meta_key = ‘_links_to_target’
    WHERE meta_key = ‘links_to_target’

    UPDATE wp_postmeta
    SET meta_key = ‘_links_to_type’
    WHERE meta_key = ‘links_to_type’`

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  • I can’t appreciae the author of the plugin enough. However the plugin consumes the most time to load in my case, even on pages where it is not being used even. Is that possibly something to do with what you are suggesting here?

    For example on my site here –
    it is taking 0.1575seconds to load. Whereas the parent theme itself only takes 0.0484seconds to load. This page does not even use the page-links-to option anywhere. I am a bit perplexed with the whole loading time issue.


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