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  • I’ve encountered a very strange problem with the Social Publisher settings page. It took me more than a week after browsing numerous forums threads, looking through source code etc.) to figure out it was actually a browser issue.

    You may want to look into this.

    How to reproduce:
    1. With Facebook plugin installed, go to settings.
    2. Configure App ID and App Secret.
    3. Go to Social Publisher settings page.
    4. You need to authenticate for the first time (link account, grant permissions) and set it all up.
    5. Now the BUG is: every time I reload a page I get either a list of pages managed by me to select the one I want to post to OR a link “Allow new posts to a Facebook Page”.

    Here are two screenshots.
    When I load the settings page for the first time: I get the first screenshot. When I reload, I get the second one, when I realod again I get the first one and so on, so on.



    I’m eventually able to save one of my pages and the plugin SEEMS to work OK. But it turns out, it uses the SHORT-LIVED access token, which invalidates in 1-2 hours. Which of course makes the social publisher completely unusable.

    Another symptom is that every time I reload the page, stored user_meta is deleted from the database and recreated. That’s the cause of all the problems. But I don’t know why exactly it gets deleted with every reload. How can this relate to the browser?

    After more than a week of investigating: I gave Firefox a try. And it just worked. My settings are saved and preserved and I don’t get a different settings page with every reload. Works as expected.

    It’s a very serious bug, I’d be grateful if you could look into this. I can offer any additional info that you require.

    Chrome version: 26.0.1410.43 m (Windows 7 64bit)

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  • Actually, Firefox has just started to behave similar to what I have described… The settings page for Social Publisher just toggles between two states (as shown on the screenshots).

    My guess wasn’t accurate in that case – it’s not Chrome-specific, but somehow changing the browser helped for a moment.

    Any ideas what’s going on?

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