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  • Resolved Handoko


    I uploaded a large image. Then visiting the page. It correctly shows the information of the image (filename, original price and a purchase button).

    But, it also show the image using the original image, scaled down only using css:
    <img src=”” class=”sell_media_image wp-post-image icon” title=”” alt=”” data-sell_media_medium_url=”” data-sell_media_item_id=”810″ height=”428″ width=”640″ style=”max-width:100%;height:auto;”/>

    It’s too risky. Because visitors can simply right click and save it to their computer without having to purchase, they get the original full size image.

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  • Just installed it and am having the same problem, the images are not protected and a right click or ‘view image’ shows the original 4928×3264 10mb photo. Help!

    Just an update, even the thumbnails are html resized so right clicking on a thumb will show the full sized image.



    I found a good one for selling media online, Easy Digital Downloads. This plugin has been downloaded more than 68,000 times, being developed by many authors and the support forum is actively maintained. Perhaps you will be interested to try.

    The disadvantage of Easy Digital Downloads is it is not focusing on selling images, it has no multiple sizes for image. But I like the security for download, it will have download links send to buyers via email and the link will be expired after a period of time we can configure. Try it yourself, you will know what I said.

    Now, I’m still thinking which one should I use.

    Thanks will take a look. I managed to get the problem with it showing full size photos sorted by deleting every item and starting again but now no matter what size customer buys the download link is always for the full size original, therefore I think I give up LOL!


    The download link should only be for the image size purchased. This may be a bug, I’ve reported and we’ll be looking into it and other issues. You can follow the issue [here]( on our public GitHub account.



    The multisizes feature is not working, I know. I’ve opended a bug report some days ago:

    Hi Zane,

    Thanks, I think it must be a bug, I’m using WordPress 3.5.1. I’ve tried everything and even uninstalled/reinstalled plugin but whatever size I put in the basket and checkout the download link is always for the original sized image. I’ve checked the sell media upload folders and it’s resizing the images fine so the problem’s not there. I hope you can fix it as I’d like to use the plugin.

    Hi Handoko,
    I managed to get the multisize working by deleting all items and all corresponding images in the media gallery and the sell media gallery and starting again. The ‘original size’ is the full sized (largest) image so all other sizes offered for sale need to be smaller than this for it to work.


    This was actually an issue we found and fixed in the latest release which should be available shortly.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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