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    Hi Rincewind

    I really like your plugin – flexible, fast, and just works right out of the box to give great results. 🙂

    I just noticed today though that my customised settings from the plugin panel seem to have reset themselves. The only thing I think I’ve done differently was to disable all of my plugins a few days ago whilst I was troubleshooting an unrelated issue with another plugin.

    I looked through the Support tab here, and didn’t find anyone else reporting this – is it something you can reproduce ? If not, then I suppose it’s a clash at my end, or some such wizardry.

    Just a heads up I suppose, and nothing major. Keep up the good work.

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  • Plugin Author Rincewind


    Sorry for the delay, if you deactivate the plugin it deleted the settings as its presumed your going to be uninstalling it.

    I was just trying to keep the users database without too much clutter from old plugins they have used in the past and now no longer use.

    I realise its very miminal on the space used.

    Thanks for your reply – I had forgotten about this ! 🙂

    When troubleshooting a problem with a website, it is very common to disable ALL plugins and then see if the problem still exists, and then to re-activate the plugins 1-by-1 to find the culprit.

    So if a plugin forgets/deletes/resets its settings during this process, it can be quite a nuisance getting things back to how they should be again ! In particular for a plugin that might have been installed more than a year ago, and has been working perfectly ever since – difficult to remember what the settings had been !

    (Some plugins do have a checkbox, to delete all settings and then uninstall.)

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    Plugin Author Rincewind


    Could you give me an example of a plugin that does this ? So I can have a look as I’m not sure how to do that.

    As for the RSS feed that would require me to A) have an rss reader and B) check if every so often for new posts, something which I would still forget to do.

    Sure – I’ve just gone through all 70 of my plugins to find one with the option – I’ve certainly seen it before, but most do not delete options on disable alone (only on uninstall).
    The only one I currently have with the option is –
    Responsive Lightbox by dFactory
    with this switch in its settings panel –

    Deactivation – Delete settings on plugin deactivation. – Enable / Disable

    Here are 2 general articles about the problem – WPcandy – and – Mike Jolley

    Looks like this plugin author added a similar functionality to his plugin – Custom CSS

    Hope that helps.

    As for the RSS, I use Feedly which is easy to use and has great mobile apps, but might be overkill for you, so how about a Chrome extension like this one – shows a subtle alert actually in-browser, so no need to remember – RSS Feed Reader

    Plugin Author Rincewind


    Ok I read both of the links, and it seems that deactivation and uninstall are two very different things.

    My plugin only has code in the uninstall.php file that deletes any settings, I’m not sure if this is called when deactivating the plugin I’ll have to do some testing of what changes when it’s deactivated if anything.

    I’ll look into the rss readers thanks!

    Hi there, Rincewind

    Any update to this, please ?

    Also, it would be great if you could issue a plugin update, cos you are getting flagged here on WP as “more than 2 year old” which will really put off a lot of new users.

    Thanks 🙂

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