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    Dear team,

    Before we jump in: thanks for the great plugin.

    I’ve encountered a pretty crucial bug that has cost my store quite some sales, as it broke all coupons (customers were unable to redeem ANY coupon.. Whilst we were running promotions.. Sh/t!).

    WP Version: 6.0.1
    Woo Version: 6.6.1
    Smart Coupons Version: 1.4.0

    After updating the plugin and woocommerce to the newest versions, the checkmark (under coupon restrictions) called “Enable to apply coupon only if the cart satisfies the product or category restrictions” became checked. For ALL coupons, even already active ones!

    The array of product/categories however was empty for all these coupons (it makes sense, these coupons should NOT have any restrictions anyway). Thus, there will never be a successful match. As such, NOONE can redeem the coupons or coupon codes anymore.

    https://imgur.com/a/mcfutmG <– screenshots.

    Even when unchecking the restrictions checkbox, the category conditions/product conditions element (in which you select the restrictions) stays visible… whilst it should obviously be gone. This tells me that the checkmark doesn’t work properly.

    The dirty workaround, for now, has been to add ALL product categories to the restrictions, so we’re not running into issues. However, this is highly undesired as it is hard to manage.

    Any help is greatly appreciated with this. Thanks!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Note: I am not even sure if WT Smart Coupons is causing this bug. It might be an incompatibility, of course (although it was working fine before the update, and I do not have plugins that address the same functionality of WooCommerce).

    This felt like the best place to share the report.

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    A lot more functionalities seem to have broken with the recent WP, Woo and WT Smart Coupon update. For example, e-mail restrictions are completely ignored.

    If I restrict a coupon to a specific e-mail (lets say info@xyz.com), ALL other users can still APPLY and REDEEM the coupon during checkout. It’s as if the condition does not exist. Even if i order as a guest in an incognito window, I can apply any coupons I wish…

    Very, very frustrating to say the least. Especially as I have no clue where this is coming from.

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    Hello @izaakbeer,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We were not able to replicate the issue when we tested it on our end. Could you please share your WooCommerce system status report (WooCommerce>status>system status report) via this link to have a better understanding of your system environment?

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    Dear Webtoffee,

    I have send you the report as requested.
    I’ll keep the others up-to-date of any progress here.


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    Hi @izaakbeer,

    This thread has been inactive for a bit, so we are going to mark it as Resolved for now. Feel free to open a new thread or follow up on this thread if you have any further questions or still need help.

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