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  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks for your great plugin. I am experiencing a strange bug in my site and I hope you can point me in the direction to a solution. This is my situation:

    1. Members – read: only group / write: only group
    2. Extra members – read: only group / write: only group
    3. Admin – read: all / write: only group

    Members and Extra members have their own categories in which they can post. All other categories are marked for Admin.

    There is one category called ‘Dossiers’ which is assigned Admin but all posts in it’s child category are restricted on the frontend which should not be the case because read access is set to all.

    Settings and test results

    • Recursive is locked (and needs to be)
    • Other categories assigned to admin function correctly
    • The problem category has the right group id in the database
    • Even if I assign the problem category to full access the posts are not accessible
    • Only when I assign a post to the parent, problem category itself (instead of to one of it’s child categories)the post is accessible
    • When I set the problem category to full access and assign all it’s child categories individually to the admin group there is no change.

    Link to parent, problem category:

    Any Idea?



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  • Hi there,

    Some time ago I had a similar problem with another site. Back then I could only solve it by deleting and recreating all categories. In this case that would be nearly impossible because of the amounts and category dependent codes.

    This should be just some hickup in the database, a stuck value or something. Anybody has any clue? Alex?


    Plugin Author GM_Alex


    A database dump with the problem would be nice. Could you provide it to me?


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